Key achievements and impact

Our newsletter archive is a valuable resource for finding out about the day to day activities of the Rainbow Network and the various events that have been organised over the years. However, it does not always capture the hard work that goes in behind the scenes, and the impact that the Rainbow Network has had on LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion at the University. Here is a timeline of some of our key achievements relating to University policy and practice - this list is not exhaustive and we encourage everybody to look through our newsletter archive to get a complete overview of our activities over the years.

Key achievements and impact of the Rainbow Network
Month and Year Achievement 
March 2020 Secured remuneration for trans staff changing their legal name to preserve confidentiality in the new HR system
October 2019 Influenced the development of the new HR system to display preferred names in the staff directory to protect the confidentiality of trans staff
August 2019 Launched a global mobility scheme to provide peer mentoring for LGBTQ+ staff and PhD students visiting a foreign country for the first time
May 2019 Consulted on the creation of bespoke LGBTQ+ awareness training for staff, resulting in the transformation of the LGBTQ+ Ally Network into a University-led LGBTQ+ ally scheme
November 2018 Advised Workplace Wellbeing on how to make pre-travel occupational health questionnaires more trans-inclusive
August 2018 Raised the profile of issues relating to disclosure of legal names for trans staff, resulting in additional training for IT Service Desk staff to ensure preferred names are recorded and used correctly
June 2018 Ensured the University's continued presence in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index
October 2017 Launched a set of LGBTQ staff profiles to demonstrate that identifying as LGBTQ+ does not have to be a barrier to career progression, and to provide role models for LGBTQ+ staff and students at the University
September 2017 - September 2018 Provided consultancy and advice on the University's Dubai branch campus. Specific achievements include the provision of gender neutral toilets in Dubai, the development of a staff evacuation procedure, and creation of a Top Tips document
September 2017 Launched the University LGBTQ+ Ally Network, resulting in a substantial increase in the visibility of LGBTQ+ equality initiatives amongst staff
June 2017 Provided LGBTQ+ awareness training to the University's Harassment Advisers, empowering them to deal with issues relating to harassment against LGBTQ+ staff and students with appropriate sensitivity
June 2017 Rainbow Network members produced the University's Best Practice Guide for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the curriculum
April 2017 Cemented the semi-autonomous nature of staff networks at the University of Birmingham by securing permission for each staff network to have its own logo
March 2017 Increased trans visibility and inclusion by launching a list of internal, local, and national resources for trans staff and their colleagues
October 2016 Consulted for Careers Network on the handbook for the student LGBTQ+ Mentoring Scheme. (Several Rainbow Network members have also volunteered as mentors on this scheme over the years)
March 2016 Supported the Equality and Diversity team in the development of their guidance document on supporting trans staff and students


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