Terms of reference

  1. Set the prioritised list of capability, service and platform enhancements for University mobile app development.
    • Clarify the compelling case for each enhancement
    • Determine prerequisites for delivery
    • Where required, to make to the case to BSSG where financial investments are required.
  1. Decide the ongoing programme of enhancements, where appropriate bundled into formal ‘releases’.
  1. Manage the overall ‘shape’ of mobile app development, including positions of mini-apps in the overall hierarchy, approval of all University branded apps and maintenance of the University app store.
  1. Oversee the publicity and promotion of ‘in-house’ mobile app development and consider intellectual property ownership and commercialisation of Apps developed by members of staff, students and third party providers.
  1. To develop a framework of standards and guidelines for UoB endorsed mobile apps
  1. Provide input for the longer term direction for university mobile apps

Reporting Relationship

Reports to IT Look and Feel Group and BSSG, providing (typically termly) progress status reports, and acting as the route for any proposals for additional funding for University apps. 


Professional Services