Insight, Channel and Educational Enterprise

The Insight, Channels and Educational Enterprise Team provides a centre of expertise around market insight and the use of digital technologies in order to inform the University's education strategy and provide an enhanced digital learning experience for all our students.

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Ian Myatt

Ian Myatt

Director of Educational Enterprise

“Digital media and technology is a crucial enabler of everything that we do. Digital channels such as our website, email and social media are now our primary means of communication with prospective applicants, students and stakeholders alike. It is clear that our continued use of these platforms is integral to our success at all stages of the student lifecycle. As a department, we bring together the existing Market Insight and Educational Enterprise teams alongside a new Digital Channel Management team focused on the strategic management and oversight of our digital channels.”


Key Contacts

Ian Myatt, Director of Insight, Channels and Educational Enterprise

PA: Emily Hayward