The Finance Office

Finance Office Mission: 

We provide expert advice and support that optimise the financial resources available to help deliver the University's strategic aims.

Finance Office Vision:

A valued partner delivering high quality service to help the University make important things happen.

Finance Office Values:

Integrity; Service; Innovation; Ownership; Teamwork and Respect.

The Finance Office is made up of the following divisions:

  • Business Engagement - working with industry and the public sector, building industrial partnerships and collaborations. Working closely with key regional, national and international partners to develop academic-industry links and strategic business partnerships that will help to enhance our performance and status as an engaged University.

  • Financial Services - providing a wide range of financial and research support services and also customer focussed services to the University’s staff, pensioners and those providing work based services to the University. 

  • Procurement and Insurance - providing procurement support and advice to all areas of the University, to ensure that it gets best value for money from all its suppliers and monitoring the risks facing the University and the types of protection necessary to cover those risks. 

  • Research Support Services - helping our academic community to develop new opportunities that lead to new research, more income and increased impact

  • The Finance System Support Team - providing first line support on the University’s core financial systems.  

In addition, the Internal Audit Service is an independent function that provides an objective assurance and consultancy service.