University Of Birmingham / Khipu Phishing Exercise


The University of Birmingham in conjunction with Khipu has sent you an email as part of a simulated phishing exercise.

You may ask yourself if you can trust the information here.  If you look in your address bar, you will see that this page is on the site.  This should tell you that the page is trustworthy because it is within the domain.

The email has been sent between the following dates:

  •  Tuesday 24th October 2023 - Friday 27th October 2023

We have only sent a simulated phishing email on or around these dates. If you have received an email which has directed you here but wasn’t sent on one of the above agreed dates then it is possible that this was a real phishing attack and you must change your password immediately and contact the IT Service Desk for further advice.

We would strongly encourage you to complete the short online training course that Khipu have offerred.






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