BlueBEAR Portal

The BlueBEAR portal is currently in active development. This means that it may be subject to operational changes.

The BlueBEAR Portal provides web-based access to a range of BlueBEAR services, such as JupyterLab, RStudio, and some GUI applications. It also provides access for submitting BlueBEAR compute jobs. The BlueBEAR Portal is only available from on-campus or through using the University Remote Access Service.

Access to the BlueBEAR Portal

There are two steps to gaining access to BlueBEAR and these also apply to the BlueBEAR Portal:

  1. being registered on a BEAR project that has access to the BlueBEAR service;
  2. have an active BEAR Linux account.

Logging on to the BlueBEAR Portal

The login uses the University Single Sign-On system. First go to the BlueBEAR Portal in a web browser - we suggest you use a reasonably recent version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. From there you will be sent to the BEAR Auth page.

portal-bear-authIf you approve the request of information we require to be able to allow the login to proceed then you should select the CILogin button, which will pass you to the University Single Sign-On page where you should login on as usual. If your login is successful then you will returned to the BlueBEAR Portal


Using BlueBEAR Portal

There are several elements available through the BlueBEAR Portal. Details on using them are documented on the following pages:


Professional Services