My Employment


As a member of staff you will have access to many benefits such as the childcare voucher scheme, discount on car, home and travel insurance and many more. A number of the benefits can be accessed through the University’s Salary Sacrifice Scheme. For further information on the full range of discounts and benefits that are available please visit the Central HR Intranet pages.

The University HR strategy is designed to support the University and College strategy. HR Operations is responsible for the delivery and/or co-ordination of processes that underpin the employment of all staff in the University from recruitment to retirement, and for provision of advice and guidance to the University on employment matters. 

The University offers a number of pension schemes for its staff dependent upon staff category and date of joining University service. The University practices auto-enrolment for its pension schemes such that staff are automatically enrolled into an appropriate pension scheme upon joining the University and are given the opportunity to opt out if they so choose. 

 Your development 

Our aim is to give every member of staff in the University the opportunity to achieve their full potential as a researcher, teacher, manager, administrator or specialist service supporter.

People and Organisational Development (POD) comprises a team of dedicated learning and development specialists who utilise a range of resources to help ensure that colleagues across the University are able to achieve and even exceed both their own and the University’s goals and targets.

Support can be accessed three ways, via comprehensive guides, via a full range of courses and via the online tool Developing Your Future. A full list of available courses and their dates is kept on the Staff Development Intranet webpages.

Developing your Future will enable you to keep the skills and knowledge you need for your role up-to-date while also providing access to development that supports your career. The site has been developed in partnership with Ashridge Business School and gives you access to high-quality resources to support you in your role and beyond.

For more information, please contact the College POD Consultant (see the College Operations Structure).

 Your Workplace Wellbeing

The Workplace Wellbeing team has a role to play in many aspects of our staff members’ working life, from the quality and safety of their physical environment, to how they feel about their work. The aim is to make sure that staff are safe, healthy and engaged at work.

Wellbeing in the workplace is divided into three areas:

Looking after your wellbeing– includes disability and additional needs service, mediation, Citizens Advice Bureau (only University to have this facility onsite), harassment advisers and the advice and listening service.

Workplace safety– includes fire safety, accident reporting, office safety, biological safety, radiation, hazardous substances and information about the management of health and safety.

Workplace health– includes occupational health referrals and assessments, health surveillance and disease prevention.

For more information, please contact the College Health and Safety Manager (see Health and Safety in Who to go to for What).

 My details 

The university employee self-service system is called my.details. The system enables you to view and amend certain personal details which are held on the Human Resources computer system, for example updating your address if you move house. You are encouraged to use my.details to update your records. My.details also allows you to access your payslips and P60s online.

For guidance and FAQs please visit the relevant intranet pages.



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