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The first weeks in a new role are often filled with questions. A warm welcome and successful induction period are key for you to settle into your new post as quickly as possible. Here at the University of Birmingham we are committed to providing you with all the information you need. Information on induction in the University is available at College level, School and Central level.  

If you haven't already done so, please take time to read through the information regarding general University induction on our University Induction webpages. 

There is also a large amount of information available for New Starters on the intranet.

School / local induction

Your School/Area and local line manager should ensure that your induction will be as positive an experience as possible.  

There are generic checklists for you and your line manager to use depending on what category of staff you are to help you ensure that the key elements of induction are covered.  You may add more information depending on the role. 

Induction checklist (PDF 311KB), Induction checklist (Excel 16KB) for Professional Services
Induction checklist (PDF 473KB), Induction checklist (Excel 16KB) for Academic staff
Induction checklist (PDF 473KB), Induction checklist (Excel 16KB) for Research staff
Health and Safety checklist (PDF 345KB), Health and Safety checklist (Word 48KB) for all staff

You should have received a brief pack with a welcome letter and a short induction pack giving you some of the basic information that you will need when you arrive.  If you havent received this then use the links below to obtain the information or you can also find a wealth of information in the College Staff Handbook.

Welcome letter (PDF 288KB), Welcome letter (Word 12KB)
Induction programme handbook (PDF 648KB), Induction programme handbook (Word (63KB)

Your line manager or Operations manager will cover the key aspects of:  financial transactions, HR, research suppport and health and safety and  processes if you need to record absence etc.  You will be able to ask them any questions.  

Each School in the College has its own intranet or E-learning page containing a more personalised set of information to aid your induction. These require a staff login, and so will be made available to you once you are in post. 

 Central induction

The University is a large and complex organisation, therefore to complement your local induction you will attend a central induction event which is hosted by the People and Organisational Development (POD) team. This will give you a general introduction to the University and the chance to meet other employees who are also new to the University.

A short presentation from either a member of the University Executive Board or Senior Officer will give an overview of University life and position within Higher Education. Your Line Manager will organise for you to attend this induction. Alternatively you can email


Professional Services