Kaido Health and Wellbeing Challenge


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What is a Kaido Health and Wellbeing Challenge?

Kaido is a six-week, team-based wellbeing challenge designed to help you look after your physical and mental health in a fun and interactive way.

The College of Life and Environmental Sciences and Birmingham International Academy are the first groups within the University of Birmingham to trial the Kaido app.

Every day you will earn points for the different things that you do, and that will take you and your teammates on a virtual journey visiting milestones and unlocking prize draws as you go.

How does the Challenge work?

Our first challenge started Monday 15 March 2021 but you can join at any time.

Kaido works best in teams, and you choose who you work with on the challenge. Teams can be between 2 and 10 (ideally 4 – 6 members). Once you’ve agreed your team, you need to select a ‘Team Captain’ who can create the team on the app and invite the other members (by email) to join it.

Kaido is an inclusive and accessible initiative designed to support people of all health backgrounds to improve an area of health and wellbeing important to them. Don’t worry if physical activity isn’t your thing, with Kaido you can garden, meditate, or simply swap foods. 

How do I take part?

To get started simply visit kaido.org/start/282788779 to register. Once signed up, you can download the app (if you wish), and log in using the registration details.

NOTE - you cannot sign up from within the app. You must sign-up using the specific link above.

If you experience any difficulties with the app, you can use the ‘Help’ section of the Kaido Website. Alternatively, email support@kaido.co.uk and a member of the Kaido team will be happy to help.

Good luck!


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