Professor Stefan Hübscher

Professor Stefan Hübscher
Consultant Histopathologist, Professor of Hepatic Pathologyhubscher-stefan

Professor Hübscher, one of our longest serving and most distinguished members of staff, retired at the beginning of December 2021. 

He graduated from the University of Birmingham in 1979, and has worked and trained here ever since. While his main clinical work has been in liver pathology, Professor Hübscher has also maintainted strong interests in hepatic, biliary and pancreatic malignancy.

A Festschrift in honour of Professor Hübscher was held on 13th May 2022, at the Edgbaston Park Hotel and Conference Centre. It was a bright and cheerful event attended by many of his friends, family, and colleagues past and present. A magnificent tribute to someone who is  incredibly inspiring and genuinely admired by everyone.

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Messages from colleagues past and present

Enjoy retirement! I will miss the cheeky comments when over in Pathology! Laine. x

Laine Wallace

Dear Stefan, Enjoy your retirement. Deirdre

Deirdre Kelly

Good people should never be allowed to retire. We'll miss you very much Stefan. Hope you will have a long and fruitful retirement.

Tahir Shah

At last a rest from that mountain of referrals! Thank you so much for your mentorship and for being the inspiring teacher that set me off on a career inpathology all those years ago x

Rebecca Harrison

Dear Stephan, Wishing you many happy and healthy years! Enjoy your free time and fill it with joyful and memorable moments! Very best wishes, Petra

It was a delight being your "house officer"; though too briefly...

Debashis Haldar

Thank you so much for all your help and support for the Liver Rota. I'll miss all your jokes but please keep in touch and have an amazing, well deserved retirement life.

Subin Modit

Hi Stefan. Congratulations on your retirement! In 2022 it will be 30 years since I started my pathology career in Birmingham! I still remember you as a young consultant. Many thanks for supporting and inspiring me since then. Best wishes. Adrian

Adrian Bateman

Dear Stefan I wish you all the very best for your retirement! With best wishes, Hynek

Hynek Mergental 

Dear Stefan, thanks for all your advice and help over the years- wishing you a very happy retirement. Shish

Shishir Shetty

Dear Stefan, I will very much miss our interactions and your constant kindness and support. It has been a privilege working with you and I have learnt so much in the process. All the best for your retirement and I hope WBA do you proud in the future!

Ahmed Elsharkawy

Stefan, your contributions to the Liver Unit, university and liver pathology have been immense and transformative. You have been a wonderful colleague andfriend for over 30 yrs, we came a long way from granulomatous mastitis. Enjoy the next phase! David 

David Adams

It was always such a pleasure to work with you, and I know you will be missed very much by all your colleagues. With best wishes for a long and happy retirement. Birgit

Bridget Gunson

Dear Stefan. I wish you all the very best in your retirement. We don't know each other very well but I just wanted to thank you for always replying to my emails and for giving your time to me when I've had queries and questions; it is so appreciated.

Jemimah Shipton 

Prof Hubscher is just so great and classy, top class in everything. I really enjoy the Histopathology meetings, best MDT ever, I will miss him very much!

Arie Stangou

Prof Hubscher is a real legend and was, even before I came to Birmingham, a person admired and mentioned by my pathology colleagues in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Hermien Hartog

Stefan is an inspirational person and I am sure the Festschrift will be a great occasion.

Sue Beath

It has been a pleasure to know you and help with the arrangements for your Festschrift, Stefan. I really hope you enjoy retirement.

Loraine Brown
Liver Unit, UHB

Dear Stefan, It has been an absolute pleasure to be your secretary and I appreciate your help, guidance and making me feel so comfortable in the department, as I never worked for the NHS before (It was a new world to me). I wish you a wonderful retirement filled with love, health and happiness. You will truly be missed, you are the nicest gentlemen/professor I have ever met and I feel very blessed to have worked with you and met you. Thank you Stefan. Love always and a very Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your family. Anne Houlihan xxxxx

Anne Houlihan - Medical Secretary
Cellular Pathology Department 

Stefan, many thanks for being such a wonderful colleague, collaborator, mentor and teacher. I hope you will enjoy your retirement as much as we enjoyed working with you! Gideon and family

Gideon Hirschfield

Dear Stefan, You have been an idol and a role model for me. Thank you for being a great colleague, an expectational pathologist and a guide during the times of departmental hardship. Still does not feel real that you are leaving! Will miss stopping by your office for a chat, opinion and a catch up. Hope you enjoy your retirement and make up for the lost time with the family. Keep in touch!

Professor Abeer Shaaban
QEHB, Pathology

Dear Stefan - It feels like a few years since I visited you in Birmingham as I was learning to be a liver pathologist, but strangely my diary tells me it was 2006! It has always been a pleasure to interact with you. Your sense of curiosity and astute scientific mind, combined with unerring politeness, humour and a self deprecating style, have made you a person who is widely respected (and as importantly, liked) in the liver pathology community worldwide. We will miss your clever round-ups of what is new in the world, and your patient and clear teaching style. I wish you a long, happy, healthy and fulfilling life in retirement. Best wishes

Darren Treanor
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Dear Stefan, Thank you for all your great advices with complex liver histopathology over many years. You always have time to support our liver immunology research whenever we need you. We will miss you as a fantastic colleague, great collaborator and true West Brom supporter....... Ye

Professor Ye Htun Oo
Centre for Liver & Gastro Research, NIHR Birmingham BRC, Liver Transplant Uni

Happy retirement Stefan; very well deserved. Thank you so much for all your help over the years with liver biopsies we have sent you for your opinion. It's been much appreciated and I know our hepatology clinical team here have valued your support. Have a very happy and fulfilling retirement. Best wishes

Dr Cathy Richards
Histopathology, UHL NHS Trust (Leicester)

Thank you Stefan for your help and support over the years and I wish you all the best in your retirement

Chris Weston

Wishing you a long, happy and healthy retirement! It's been a real privilege and pleasure to work with you over the years, and I'm most grateful for all your advice and support. You will be greatly missed. Hope to catch you at B71 some time soon! Best wishes, Graham.

Graham Caine

Dear Stefan. Best Wishes for your retirement. And thank you for allowing me learn from you on my placement in Birmingham 10 years ago. It was a wonderful experience and I am very grateful for all I learnt and a very positive experience.

Prof. Stephen Finn
University of Dublin, Trinity College 

Dear Stefan, Thank you very much for decades of high quality work, consistent support of others' efforts, and enthusiasm and courtesy at all times. We will all miss your input. Enjoy the retirement. Best wishes 

Professor Roger Feakins
Royal Free Hospital London

Hi Stefan Thank you so much for providing such excellent teaching sessions on our Histopathology Courses over the past 10 years! Wishing you a very happy retirement. With best wishes

Amanda Lugg, Senior Admin Officer
Birmingham Pathology Training Centre, Birmingham Women's Hospital

Stefan You are an exceptional pathologist and a great human being. I really can't say more `(or less) than that. With every good wish, Rob

Prof Rob Goldin
Imperial College

It is hard to imagine the world of liver pathology without Prof Stephan Hubscher ! I thank you for all the consults and help over the years and I wish you all the best for your retirement . (retirement? Really?!) Enjoy! Niamh

Dr Niamh Nolan
Histopathology, St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin (Liver unit)

Stefan, Many congratulations on your long and distinguished career, as well as making it out the other side! I wish you all the very best in your retirement and hopefully we can continue the occasional football analysis now and again. Best wishes, Paul

Dr Paul Kelly
RVH, Belfast

Dear Stefan It has been a pleasure to work with you for over a decade and collaborate on projects. I am always in awe of your encyclopaedic knowledge, which you share so well and inspire. Very best wishes in your retirement

Professor Dhiraj Tripathi
Liver Medicine

Dear Stefan Hubscher and the whole Liver Unit team, I am so grateful to have been a member of this team many times in different moments of my professional life. In a picture I sent you from the year 1995 (when I was finishing my fellowship in HBP and liver transplantation at the QEH) we can see me, Stefan Hubscher and Filadélfio Venco, my pathologist wearing brazilian soccer T-shirts. The support to train a team when there was no idea where we would be able to start a liver transplant program in Brazil was important in allowing us to face this challenge. Today, after more than 1500 liver transplants done by our team in Brazil, with the same pathologist group, I can say that we would never have had the great results we achieve without Professor Stefan Hubscher and the Liver Unit team!!! Thank you very much for the belief, support and teaching. Your knowledge has been impactful in changing Liver Transplantation worldwide!!!

Ben-Hur Ferraz-Neto
Liver Transplant Unit, Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz

Dear Stefan, I wish you a long, happy and healthy retirement. May you find plenty of activities as interesting and fascinating as liver pathology to intrigue your curiosity and keep you entertained. Thank you for your wise advice, inspiration, and encyclopaedic knowledge over many years. And for your leadership in being the first Chair of the UK Liver Pathology Group, and for keeping the Oozlum Bird under control when required, all the best, Judy.

Dr Judy Wyatt
Dept Cellular Pathology, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Lieber Stefan, I will miss you a lot but really hope you have a great time now - you have served for many decades and you now deserve some very nice me-time with family, cabaret, books, travels and more! All the best and please stay in touch.

Professor Wiebke Arlt
Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research, University of Birmingham

Stefan, thank you so much for welcoming me to the QE and making my first 14 months in the department enjoyable. I will miss our chats and debates and putting the world to rights. Enjoy your retirement and don't forget where we are.

Anne Loughlin, Medical Secretary
Cellular Pathology

I always knew Stefan was a bright cookie when we started at med school. Good luck in your next phase.

Dr Deva Situnayake

To Stefan, wishing you all the best and very good health in a long retirement. Congratulations on your many achievements in academic medicine, and in life in general. It has always been a great pleasure to work with you and to occasionally socialise with you and sometimes with your wife and sons. And often at the Hawthorns, though with less frequent joy! With your retirement I take a step closer to being the longest serving still working member of the Liver Unit's medical staff. However, it wont be too long until I'll be looking for your advice on how to survive and to make the most of a life without "work".  I'm sure you will do it well. Very best wishes, David Mutimer

Professor David Mutimer
Liver Unit

Dear Stefan, Wishing you many happy and healthy years! Enjoy your free time and fill it with joyful and memorable moments! Very best wishes, Petra.

Petra Balogh
Consultant Histopathologist, UHBFT

Sending my warmest regards to Pr Huscher. He will be reminded as a great teacher in liver after so much dedication and contributions in this field. I wish him a rewarding life.

Dr Patricia Vergani
Consultant Histopathologist, Gloucestershire Cellular Pathology
Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dear Stefan, you have always been someone I could look up to as a paragon of virtue. Your eye for detail is unsurpassed and you knowledge of liver pathology in general is amazing. It has always been a delight to work with you on collaborative projects, not the least of which has been MacSween's POL. Your input into the last two editions has been fabulous! Enjoy much deserved 'down-time' in retirement!

Alastair Burt
Newcastle University

Kalimera! I have learned so much from you Stefan, and it has been a real pleasure to work with you. My research has taken new directions following our conversations. The courage to joyfully pursue scientific rigour, and treat others with respect. The curiosity, generosity and ethos of a professor that elevates others. My little boy now trains with West Brom! I will miss you dearly.

Dr Zania Stamataki
Immunology and Immunotherapy, University of Birmingham

Dear Stefan I am very sorry not to be there for your Festschrift but had already booked to be elsewhere. You may remember me telling you many many years ago how I had attended a lecture in the Biochemistry department in my pre-clinical years that was given by your father. It was one of the most inspiring lectures of my undergraduate course that is why I remember it so well. You were not only an expert pathologist but also a great teacher who has inspired not only the local staff but also the legions of overseas fellows who chose to come to Birmingham. Clearly such gifts are genetically linked. May I wish you a very fulfilling and happy retirement. John Buckels

Professor John A C Buckels
Ex-liver Unit Surgeon

Dear Stefan I can’t believe that someone so young is retiring! It’s been a great privilege to work with you over the years and I have learnt so much from you. Always meticulous, committed and nearly always right! You have been a marvellous support of GIG and we will miss you greatly! Enjoy the next stage! Deirdre

Professor Deirdre Kelly
Liver UNiT BCH

Dear Stefan, Wishing you a very happy retirement and a memorable and enjoyable Festschrift today, which is so richly deserved by you. Friday night phone calls in ITU will never be the same for "The Liver Unit Senior House Officer"! Best wishes Geoff

Geoffrey Haydon

Dear Stefan; Great Festschrift day and congratulations to you - well deserved! Sorry I could not be there in person, but we are short-staffed. Enjoy the dinner and drinks with friends and family. I have immensely enjoyed our relationship and especially appreciated and respected your comprehensive presentations and steady and thoughtful guidance through many Banff meetings. Your contributions helped lay the foundation for the success of the Banff Liver meetings and associated publications have enjoyed. Not having you at the various meetings (especially Banff) will be the end of an era and quite sad for me. You are truly, as is said, "a gentleman and scholar". Enjoy the next phase of your life.

A.J. Demetris, M.D
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Dear Stefan, Words cannot even describe how much I have learnt from you over the last 10+ years. You have been, and continue to be, a mentor, a teacher, and friend. Thank you for everything you have taught me, for having the patience whilst I learned, and for being a thorough gentleman from the day I stepped foot on the liver unit as a green junior doctor. You will be missed!

Palak Trivedi

Dear Stefan, I would just like to take this quick opportunity to say how happy I am that so much of my professional life has coincided with yours. I have learnt so much from you over the years, initially as a trainee but probably even more so as a consultant. Your considered, contemplative and yet comprehensive understanding of all aspects of liver disease has definitely helped put Birmingham squarely on the map as an internationally recognised centre of excellence. Your breakthroughs in forwarding the understanding of numerous aspects of liver disease is truly impressive and your grasp of the literature and, in particular, what is pertinent is truly outstanding. I am in total awe! You have left a fantastic legacy and been instrumental in driving the importance and standards of liver pathology in this country. It is also been a real pleasure interacting with you on the social side at the various meetings and courses, home and abroad. Lovely to know more about you and your greater interests and of course for your kind understanding on many an occasion! I shall certainly miss this aspect of our professional lives. Covid had already put an end to these over the last few years and in a way it has been a good 'weaning', for me at least. I wish you the very best in the coming years and will be intrigued to see what that great brain of yours focuses on next. Sx

Dr Susan E Davies
Cambridge University Hospitals

Dear Stefan, What I learned the most during my senior lectureship in the Liver Unit, and by comparing morphological and clinical data, is that histological rejection in protocol biopsies is not necessarily a bad thing, and it is even sometimes associated with a better outcome. This, I think, has been a major contribution of Stefan and the Unit and has a major impact in the way we deal with rejection. It has led to using very low IS regimen worldwide after liver transplant.

Greetings to the team and best regards,

Prof Jacques Pirenne
Transplant Surgeon
Leuven, Belgium

Anecdotes about Professor Stefan Hübscher

About Stefan -

There are many spontaneous thoughts that come to my mind. When we met the first time, in 1993, I was immediately impressed. Impressed by his knowledge, his attitude and spirit, his humour and his way of explaining complex matters in simple words that were even understandable to a young visiting fellow with surgical background. In fact, he soon became my role model for a pathologist (and still is today) and as my career is also coming to an end one day, chances are high that Stefan remains on the top of my list as my favoured pathologist... (sorry Desley). Beyond his precision, his care for details and his ability to interpret the findings on a bit of tissue processed on a glass slide, in synthesis with a complex clinical context, I was also impressed by his interaction between disciplines – voicing and batting for pathology but integrating this in the chorus of other disciplines. Clearly, this was the spirit of the Liver Unit in those days, in that it was a pioneering institution in terms of true interdisciplinarity. This has guided me in my further development after “my time at the Liver Unit” and, to be honest, all I did subsequently was a poor attempt to copy this model.

When I was sometimes lost in B’ham (not just suffering from indigestion) and would need someone to speak to in a familiar language (about culture, music and other important things such as football, even food), Stefan, whose command of the German Language was acquired via his parents, was a soothing element and part of the survival kit that the Liver Unit had offered to its continental work force. Furthermore, I have to admit that I am shocked to learn that this young, almost boyish looking pathologist with a bright future ahead (so said Paul McMaster) is going to retreat soon. Did the UK not only leave the EU but also change the way the years are accounted for, or is it something else I missed?

In any case, I am very grateful for the privilege that was conferred to me by working alongside Stefan and I wish him, with this short note, all the best for the (hopefully good) times to come. I wish him well and look forward to meeting him again soon.

Kind regards

Prof Daniel Candinas
Visceral Surgery and Transplants, Bern, Switzerland

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