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Data Protection

All staff, and students who process personal data, are under a general duty to comply with the Act. Individuals can face criminal charges under certain conditions if, without consent, they knowingly or recklessly, obtain or disclose personal data.

Data Protection is exceptionally important, pleae view the University's Data Protection page for further information.

Further information is available from Legal Services who have developed a range of guidance tools to assist you. The guidance tools can be found here.

Data Protection Toolkit

The University has designed a Data Protection toolkit which is aimed at everyone in the University of Birmingham whose day-to-day work involves handling personal information. This includes, but is not limited to, administrators, support staff,academics and students. The Toolkit provides a broad understanding of the underlying data protection principles which can be applied across the board, and has a focus on the issues that you are most likely to encounter in a higher education environment. If you deal with patient or research data, please see the Human Research and Data Protection Toolkit for more tailored advice.

Understanding theToolkit will equip you with the knowledge needed to fulfil your responsibility as an employee and enable you to promote ‘good information handling.’ However, all matters of data protection must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you have any queries or concerns please contact Legal Services or, if applicable, your local Information Champion.

The toolkit can be accessed here:



Please inform Stores if you are expecting large or bulky deliveries. Please ensure the sender includes your full name and any order number on the delivery note. Deliveries may not be accepted if these details are not included and this could cause a delay. Order delivery addresses are found in Core when you place an order requisition.


IBR - Alastair Tew - A.J.Tew@bham.ac.uk, or 414 2632 (internal extension 42632)
School of Dentistry - George Williams - 0121 466 5253 or Danny Keenan - 0121 466 5259

Delivery Notes

When goods are delivered to the University, there will be an accompanying delivery note. The University’s Financial Procedures require that the person that has established that equipment, products and services have been received is required to sign off and date relevant documentation. The delivery note is then forwarded to the College Finance Office, Room EQG12 in the Medical School where receipt is then recorded on the relevant Purchase Order. The official procedure for accepting delivery of goods can be found here.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

See the Display Screen Equipment page. Please speak to your line manager before booking an eye test.

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