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Family Leave Arrangements

A detailed family leave information document can be found on the University's HR intranet site. It covers:

  • Maternity leave and pay
  • Paternity leave and pay
  • Adoption leave and pay
  • Adoption paternity leave
  • Keeping in touch days
  • Parental leave
  • Compassionate leave
  • Time off for dependents

Please refer to this document first, but for specific information which cannot be found, please contact your Institute Manager.

Fault Reporting (Building and IT)

Building faults, including faulty windows/lights, should be directed to Karen Willis - k.d.willis@bham.ac.uk, 0121 414 7856 or Suzanne Collins - s.collins.1@bham.ac.uk, 0121 414 8111.

IT Faults: Where IT/network faults are experienced these should be logged direct with the IT Help Desk on 47171 or via their web page at https://universityofbirmingham.service-now.com/


See Courier Services.

Finance Forms

All of the Finance Office Forms can be found on the Finance intranet website.

Finance Induction

Any member of staff in the University, in particular those who have financial responsibility or those new to the HE sector should undergo a Finance Induction. To book an induction of College Finance, contact - Adam Pressdee, x58762.

Fire Alarms

  • Evacuation alarm is the continuous ring of the fire bells
  • Fire bells in the Medical School and Institute for Biomedical Research (IBR) are tested every Wednesday or Thursday morning
  • If you discover a fire go to the nearest break glass and raise the alarm immediately

Fire Awareness Training

The University requires all staff to undergo fire induction and training at the commencement of employment and to have refresher training every 2 years. Initial training will be arranged as part of the induction process.

To book Fire Safety Training complete the request form and submit online.

Please note, staff in the Academic Department of Surgery are required to complete training with the UHB as well as the University.

First Aid

  • A list of first aiders and emergency guidelines is visible in most offices and notice boards or call Security Control on 4444
  • If emergency services are required call 9999 FIRST and then Security Control on 4444
  • Report accidents to your supervisor and local manager (see Accident Reporting). Complete Accident Form (can be completed by anybody) and pass to Sue Chalder, Health and Safety Co-Ordinator
  • First Aider to complete a Record of Treatment form and pass to Sue Chalder, Health and Safety Co-ordinator

Flexible Working

Working patterns should be agreed by your line manager/academic supervisor. All staff should agree, in advance, time-off-in-lieu, flexi-leave and other activities that require authorisation such as training courses with their line manager/academic supervisor. Further information on flexible working options can be found on the Flexible Working webpage.

Flexi-time for Professional Services Staff

This scheme applies to all Professional Services employees who have formally opted in to the flexi-time scheme with the agreement of their line manager. It is designed to provide a degree of flexibility to employees in sharing their time more effectively between work and other commitments and is intended to be of mutual benefit to the University of Birmingham and its employees.

Full details of the scheme and the flexi recording template can be obtained from your Institute Manager.

Foreign Travel

Staff travelling overseas can obtain support and advice from Human Resources or in the following guidance documents:

Health and Safety Guidance

Advice for Staff Travelling

Travel Insurance

UoB staff travelling abroad should consult the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for advice and guidance on their chose country before they visit/begin any visa application. The relevant link can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice.

The staff member is also advised to contact their host regarding visas as they may have an equivalent to our ISAS who can advise them on the law and procedure in the country they are visiting.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was passed on 30th November 2000 and came into force on 1st January 2005. It gives individuals and companies, from anywhere in the world, the right of access to all types of “recorded” information which is held by public authorities. For the purposes of the Act, the University has been designated a Public Authority. Guidelines for staff can be found on the University website at http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/university/governance/policies-regs/information/index.aspx.


Freshthinking is the University's internal caterers. Click here for their website where you can obtain further information and download a brochure.

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