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Grant Management

See Post Award Research Grant Management.

Please see the Research Finance intranet page for more information. Please also speak with your Institute Manager to ascertain whether your Institute has a local finance resource to help with your grant management.

Global Engagement Fund

The College now has a College-level Global Engagement Fund which can provide support, up to £1,000 per individual award for activity of strategic benefit in achieving our international goals around student recruitment, international reputation, developing educational and research partnerships and enhancing student mobility. Find out more and apply.

Global Engagement Fund - other sources

The Birmingham International Engagement Fund (BIEF)

This is for staff to request funding for international travel to establish global research links and develop research activity or engagement. 

The full details on this are on the Birmingham Global funding opportunities webpage, which also highlights other potential sources of funding including the BRIDGE and EUniWell seed funds.

Please be aware that only UoB staff can make and application to the BIEF.  These are reviewed by the College Director of Global Engagement (Prof Tracy Roberts).  Note: it is expected that local sources of funds, including research projects (where applicable) and College contributions via the MDS Global Engagement Fund should be requested before submitting a full application for BIEF support. 

U21 Health Sciences Group 

Various funding opportunities are available as part of the U21 Health Sciences Group of which UoB is a member.  Funding is available for staff and research students undertaking collaborative projects across multiple health themes, working in partnership with at least three member universities.

Full details are available - https://u21health.org/funding-opportunities 

MDS Parents and Carers Fund

This fund is to provide support towards additional costs incurred through attendance at external events (such as conferences and training courses) for staff with caring responsibilities. The fund is available to all MDS for staff and PhD students.

Full details are available - https://intranet.birmingham.ac.uk/mds/college-services/edi/mds-parents-and-carers-fund.aspx 

Local Institute or School funding sources 

Finally, for conference attendance support covering costs which are not directly funded by external research projects, please make contact with your Institute Director, Head of School or Head of Operations.  They will be able to provide advice on any available Institute or School level funds.  Note that normally these have a focus on supporting earlier-career colleagues or those without access to other sources of funds. 

Other information and sources of funds

Details of other internal sources of research funding can be found at: https://intranet.birmingham.ac.uk/finance/rss/research-development/internal-funding/index.aspx


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