My College

My College

Here at the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, we are shaping the future of health and medicine through the provision of innovative education and exceptional research, delivered by world-leading academics.

The College consists of a diverse community of academic staff, research staff, health professionals and professional services staff working side-by-side and in collaboration with our NHS partners, including Birmingham Health Partners (BHP), an exciting collaborative platform between the University, Birmingham Children's Hospital and the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust to improve the lives of patients locally, nationally and globally.

Institute of Applied Health Research Our internationally leading experts help to tackle global societal challenges, from occupational health risks in the UK and Europe to childhood obesity in China. 
Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences We make a unique and powerful contribution to understanding how genetic abnormalities within cancer cells lead to disease. We use this information to design and rigorously assess new and proven cancer treatments.
Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences We are world leaders in several areas of cardiovascular work, including research into the behaviour of platelets, white blood cells, atrial fibrillation and angiogenesis.
Institute of Clinical Sciences Co-ordinating all teaching and student engagement activity, the institute equips students with the skills to deliver outstanding healthcare and carry out life-changing medical research. This is informed by pedagogy and by research in the fields of dentistry, pharmacy and other clinical areas. 
Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy Birmingham has a very strong history of immunology research going back 50 years, and our large faculty of scientists and doctors are well positioned to make a world-leading contribution to understanding and treating immune- mediated disease.
Institute of Inflammation and Ageing From basic science to community exercise classes, we cover every aspect of research into and treatment of inflammation-driven illnesses and the role of inflammation in ageing.
Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research For many years we have led the global field in metabolism research, particularly in endocrinology. We are also at the forefront of systems-level studies of the human metabolome – how our bodies function at a more complex level.
Institute of Microbiology and Infection A joint initiative with the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, we have one of the largest groupings of microbiologists in the world and are at the vanguard of innovative research into combatting antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance.

Our location

The principal base of the College is ideally located between the main campus of the University and one of the leading hospitals in Europe, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEHB).

Situated in the largest healthcare region in the country, with access to one of the largest and most diverse populations in Europe, the College is positioned to address major global issues and diseases affecting today’s society through our eight outstanding specialist institutes.

We have great pride in our interactions with local NHS environment, most obviously exemplified through ‘Birmingham Health Partners’, an exciting collaborative platform between the University and the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHBFT) that will enable rapid movement from laboratory discovery to patient benefit, fostering new therapeutic and healthcare innovations by creating a truly integrated environment for researchers and clinicians.

We are the largest of the five University Colleges with over 1,400 members of staff.

 A welcome from the Head of College

David Adams for Intranet welcome

Dear Colleague

Congratulations on your appointment and welcome to the College of Medical and Dental Sciences.

The College of Medical and Dental Sciences was established on 1st August 2008 and comprises eight Institutes – Applied Health Research, Cancer and Genomics, Cardiovascular Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Immunology and Immunotherapy, Inflammation and Ageing, Metabolism and Systems Research and Microbiology and Infection. The College’s professional services support teams are managed at College level and are embedded across the College.

We employ over 1,400 staff, of whom over 900 are academics, who work together to find cures and treatments for major diseases, improve the health of our nation and educate our future health professionals. Each year the College trains 350 medical students including the Graduate Entry course (around 120 medical students are able to intercalate on a choice of programmes after the second, third or fourth  year of their course), 70 dental students, 20 biomedical materials science students, 140 biomedical science students, 125 nursing students, 70 pharmacy students and 60 physician associate studentsas well as offering continuing professional development to keep health professionals up to date with the latest research developments and best clinical practice.

The College secures around £60m of new research funding each year and has over 900 research active academic staff working in a vibrant research and knowledge transfer environment. The College is at the forefront of biomedical research and has created a unique environment for advancing our understanding of disease processes and applying this knowledge for the benefit of patients.

I would like to wish you every success in your new role and hope your enjoy your time with us.

Yours sincerely,

Professor David Adams
Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Head of the College of Medical and Dental Sciences and Dean of Medicine  


The College provides a broad portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate taught and research programmes. Programmes at all levels are delivered by some of the UK’s most respected clinicians and health professionals, providing you with the best possible learning experience.  


seminar roomThe Forum, Centre for Professional Development

A wide range of continuing professional development (CPD) training is also available from just a few hours to a few weeks to help healthcare professional top up their skills and knowledge and stay ahead of the game. Most courses are offered within our on-site conference facilities, the Centre for Professional Development, which has a range of meeting, training and breakout rooms, state of the art AV equipment and business facilities for delegates.


The College is at the forefront of medical, dental and health research. We deliver world leading research activities to develop and nurture excellence in basic and clinical science, and to ultimately improve human health.

With over 900 researchers and in excess of £60m in research funding per year, it represents a major international centre for biomedical research.

The College research portfolio is structured around seven key research domains:

  • Cancer
  • Genetics and Development
  • Health and Population Sciences
  • Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Neurological Sciences
  • Hormones, Metabolism and Reproduction
  • Dentistry
  • Immunity, Inflammation and Infection

Each domain is allied to a range of clinical specialties through which the College links its basic research to translational endpoints.

Find out more about our research at the College research website.

The College has encompassed some major developments, expansion and improvement to its facilities, education delivery and research activity in recent years. This includes the £35m Institute of Biomedical Research, the £11.8m Wolfson Centre for Medical Education and a prosectorium facility for anatomy teaching incorporating 10 ventilated tables and high tech AV teaching aids.

The College has a new £1m phantom head teaching laboratory facility within the School of Dentistry and the College also has a Health Research Bus a mobile clinical research facility funded through Birmingham Science City via Advantage West Midlands. This was the first of its kind and a great development for clinical research in the College.

Another exciting development is the building of a new £50m Birmingham Dental Hospital & School of Dentistry which opened in 2016. The hospital and school at Pebble Mill, just a mile from the central campus, is the first integrated, stand-alone dental hospital and dental school to be built in the UK for almost 40 years and is a fantastic opportunity for our staff and students to learn and practice.
Dental-hospital720x396The new Birmingham Dental Hospital & School of Dentistry

Birmingham Health Partners (BHP)

Birmingham Health Partners (BHP) is a strategic alliance between University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Birmingham and Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust bringing together clinical, scientific and academic excellence across an integrated medical and life sciences campus.

The long term objectives of BHP are to improve healthcare; contribute to the local economy through job creation and inward investment into the biomedical sector, and increase public engagement and education about biomedicine and clinical research through increased enrolment into early and late phase clinical trials. It will deliver an integrated pan-Birmingham research strategy from childhood to old-age, translating basic discovery science into clinical benefits for Birmingham and the wider health economy.

BHP provides the infrastructure to enable members to draw upon the synergies of the West Midlands’ diverse economic and ethnic population to integrate service innovation, delivery and education within the full spectrum of the biomedical science from discovery to applied health research. The diverse population of Birmingham and the wider West Midlands area, concentrated in an easily accessible geographical footprint, provides a sizeable patient base that no other centre in the UK can deliver.

Find out more at


Institute of Translational Medicine (ITM)

The Institute of Translational Medicine, aims to cure disease and save lives by applying transformative science and technology and by educating and training the healthcare workforce. It will speed up the rate at which research can improve patient outcomes by using a multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative approach that will ensure a rapid bench-to-bedside pathway.

More information on both BHP and the ITM can be found on the website:



 College population 

Over 60% of all staff (across all staff groups) in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences are externally (non-HEFCE) Funded.  This is broken down as follows:

Academic Staff



  •   Clinical



  •   Non clinical






Early Career   Researchers (ECR)



  •   Clinical



  •   Non clinical






Professional Services Staff



  •   Admin & other related



  •   Admin supporting Research



  •   Admin supporting Teaching



  •   Support staff





  •  3205 undergraduate (UG)

– 3050 HEU

– 155 overseas


  • 457 postgraduate taught (PGT)

– 402 home

– 55 overseas


  • 619 postgraduate research (PGR)

– 349 home

– 270 overseas

 College communication

We endeavour to have a well-structured framework within which we communicate with all staff. Communication is carried out via various channels and includes regular College update emails from the Head of College; a weekly College newsletter, MDS Messenger, containing news, events and other relevant information for staff; a College intranet which is continually being developed in order to provide staff with up-to-date information and resources; termly College Assemblies; College Leadership Forum which is chaired by the Head of College; and meetings with the School senior management teams, which are also attended by the Head of College.

Buzz - Newsletter

University wide there is also a staff e-newsletter called Buzz Bitesize, sent monthly, as well as a bi-monthly printed edition of Buzz – the University’s award winning staff magazine. You can find more information on Buzz and Buzz Bitesize, and how to contribute, at this link:

MDS Messenger

If you’d like to contribute an item to MDS Messenger, it can be sent to

You can also follow the latest news from the College via our website and social media channels:



Twitter: @unibirm_MDS



College Board

College Board are responsible for overseeing all aspects of College life and report into the University Executive Board (UEB). The purpose of College Board is:

-To advise and support the Head of College in the strategic and operational management and leadership of the College

-To facilitate communication and ensure the effective co-ordination of all matters relevant to the running of the College and its activities

-To make recommendations to University Senate, the University Executive Board or any other body within the University on any matters not within the Board’s authority to determine

The College Board consists of:

  • Head of College (Chair)
  • Heads of School
  • College Director of Education
  • College Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer
  • Director of Operations
  • College Finance Partner
  • College HR Partner
  • College Planning Partner
  • Secretary to College Board

COG (College Operations Group)

The College Operations Group are responsible for overseeing all decisions relating to professional services staff. The purpose of COG is to:

- Ensure senior Professional Services managers with College responsibility are aware of current issues raised at core College/University meetings

- To provide a forum for sharing best practice

- To support the development and maintenance of effective working relationships and shared understanding of roles and responsibilities with professional services colleagues from across the University

- To ensure senior Professional Services managers with College responsibility understand and effectively engage in development and implementation of plans/policies of common interest

- To consider operational management issues raised within and across Schools and College operational teams, which are of College wide interest, or relevance, and ensure effective resolution or action, as appropriate.

- To resolve College wide operational management issues

Birmingham Professional Programme

Birmingham Professional has been created to give staff an opportunity to network with other colleagues within the College of Medical and Dental Sciences. They also provide an excellent opportunity for College staff to learn about the activities of other College and University services and  share knowledge and best practice.



Professional Services