Alumni Relations

Connection doesn’t end with graduation.

The CoSS Alumni Relations team builds and maintains relationships with social sciences graduates around the world; from guest speakers and project placements to career support and mentoring, there are many ways that working with our alumni can have an impact.

The alumni relations team is here to:

  • Build relationships between the university and the108,000  graduates of the College of Social Sciences, providing the college with a world-wide network of supporters and advocates.
  • Identify and facilitate opportunities for alumni to become involved and engaged with the College.
  • Support and develop projects involving alumni which focus on Research, Education and Engagement for impact.

How alumni can support your work:

  • A curriculum lecture or roundtable event with a high profile alumnus can help to create a truly distinctive educational experience.
  • Seeing what other students have gone on to achieve can bring to life the possible careers that a social sciences degree can lead to. This can help prospective students and their parents to make informed choices.
  • Mentoring from alumni can help our students increase their employability and make the transition into successful careers
  • Our alumni include policy makers, advocates and senior practioners, who can provide valuable networks for academics to help shape, disseminate and advocate for their research.

These are just a few examples - if you have ideas on how our alumni might be able to support your work, please get in touch. We are always open to new ideas.

For any enquiries about alumni relations for the Business School, School of Government, and Social Policy please contact: 

Rebecca Mitchell
Head of Volunteering, Development and Almuni Relations Office
Tel: 0121 414 6682

Emma Coldicott
College Alumni Relations Manager, MBA, Birmingham Business School
Tel: 0121 414 8432 

Laura Martin
College Alumni Relations Manager, Birmingham Business School
Tel: 0121 415 8437


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