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The CoSS Alumni Relations Team initiates, develops and maintains relations with the 110,000+ Social Sciences alumni located around the World.

The alumni we work with support students, academics and researchers in a wide variety of ways, be that through guest lectures, placements, careers advice, mentoring and much more. In addition, we strengthen the relationship between our Alumni and CoSS by inviting them to relevant events, and through keeping them informed of the latest research and news.

Some of the ways alumni can support your work

  • Guest Speaker/Panellist  Alumni are able to provide invaluable ‘real world’ insights into their particular area of expertise or organisation by sharing their knowledge as either a curriculum guest lecturer or panellist.  Their participation can enhance student understanding and experience, support research centres and strengthen the reputation of UoB.
  • Careers/Mentors Through sharing their career journeys, and providing insights into specific industries/roles, alumni are able to inspire students by raising awareness of the myriad of careers open to them.   Similarly, alumni mentors help students transition from the world of education to work through sharing advice and offering support, which in turn strengthens employability.  
  • Alumni profiles/videos Learning more about past students’ educational experiences and subsequent careers can help inspire current students and support recruitment.
  • Support Research  Our alumni work in a vast variety of sectors, with many holding senior positions such as Policy Makers, Senior Practitioners and Chief Executives.  Through effective engagement and collaboration, their involvement can help shape research and provide invaluable access to wider networks for the dissemination of findings. 

These are just a few examples - if you have ideas on how our alumni might be able to support your work, please get in touch.

For any enquiries about alumni relations for the Business School, the School of Social Policy, the School of Government or the School of Education, please contact: 

Alumni Relations Manager, MBA, Birmingham Business School

Emma Coldicott
Alumni Relations Manager (MBA & MSc Programmes), Birmingham Business School
LinkedIn profile: Emma Coldicott

Tel: 0121 414 8432 

Alumni Relations Manager, Birmingham Business School

Jennifer Mackey
Alumni Relations Manager (UG & MSc Programmes), Birmingham Business School
Tel: 0121 415 9980
LinkedIn profile: Jennifer Mackey

Alumni Relations Manager, School of Social Policy, School of Government

Jessica Cooper
Alumni Relations Manager, School of Social Policy, School of Government
Tel: 0121 414 6532
LinkedIn profile: Jessica Cooper

Alumni Relations Manager, School of Education

Laura Martin
Tel: 0121 415 8437
LinkedIn profile: Laura Martin

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