Careers Network

The Careers Network team

Clare Dawson
Careers Consultant
Tel: 0121 414 9208

Amrit Sandhu
College Internship Officer
Tel: 0121 414 8243

Rachel Stavlo
Employer Liaison Officer
Tel: 0121 415 9026

Yasmin Ansari
Careers Adviser
Tel: 0121 414 9208

Jennifer Edwards
Applications Adviser
Tel: 0121 414 6620

The Placements team

Harjinder Kundra
Placements Team Leader for the Professional Development Module
Tel: 0121 415 1055

Sarah Tasker
Placements Officer for the Professional Development Module
Tel: 0121 415 1055

Amy Wright
Placements Administrator for the Professional Development Module
Tel: 0121 414 2235

Professional Development module

The Professional Development Module is a large-scale 20-credit optional final-year module for students in the Business School, School of Government & Society, and studying PPE. It is available on all degree programmes where there is no other option to do an accredited work placement, and thus ensures that all CoSS undergraduate students have the opportunity to undertake work-based learning within the curriculum, which is an important part of the college’s offer to prospective students.

Students can choose to use their own self-sourced placement for the module, subject to approval, or get support in finding a placement from the Placements Team. The team generates a bank of bespoke placements for the module, delivers the careers-related aspects of the module’s lecture and workshop programme, develops resources for the module, maintains records of students’ placement activities, and risk manages the placements.

The Placements Team works closely with Academic Leads for Professional Development to support the module: Emma Foster (College Academic Lead for Professional Development and Academic Lead for Government & Society) and Steve Keepax (Academic Lead for the Business School).

The module won the National Employability Award for ‘Most Improved Commitment to Employability’ in 2014 and was a finalist for the ‘Excellence in Skills Development’ award at the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Awards in 2015.

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