FAQs for the College of Social Sciences

Page last updated: Friday 18 September 2020.
Please note all FAQs will be updated once we have more information on the return to campus in line with the government roadmap.

This page is being regularly updated to reflect the latest advice and the FAQs on this page will be constantly reviewed and updated as necessary.

The information on this page relates to College-wide FAQs, you can find School specific FAQs at the bottom of this page.  If there is something missing that you'd like answered, please submit your question via this form.

1) When will campus reopen? UPDATED - 21 August 10:00

Phase 1 of the reopening of campus has been ongoing since Monday 1 June and is almost complete. Campus will be fully reopened by Monday 14 September ahead of the start of the new academic year.

2) When will CoSS colleagues return to campus? UPDATED - 21 August 10:00

Apart from pre-agreed exceptions, CoSS colleagues will be spending some of their time on campus from Monday 14 September. If colleagues have concerns about returning to campus, then we ask you to fill out the return to work form alongside your line manager.  

3) When will colleagues receive their rotas so they know when they’ll be working on campus? UPDATED - 27 August 15:40

Discussions should be ongoing as part of the return to campus discussion. All staff should discuss a sensible return to work plan with their line manager taking into account business needs, personal circumstances and the ability to work and operate within a safe distance.

All staff must have agreed a return to working on campus rota with their line manager by Friday 4 September.

4) Where will team or larger meetings take place? UPDATED - 27 August 15:40

The current guidance is that these meetings should continue to take place online.

5) Where will confidential meetings take place? UPDATED - 27 August 15:40

You can book an appropriate sized office or meeting room that can facilitate social distancing. 

6) I’m going to drive to campus. Will I need a parking permit? UPDATED - 21 August 10:00

We recognise that many staff who may have previously caught public transport to get to campus may now prefer to drive where possible.

For staff returning who do not normally drive to campus then you will need to apply for a fixed fee monthly parking permit or use a pay and display permit.

For further details, please visit the car parking intranet page

From Tuesday 1 September Car Parking Services will monitor daily usage of car parking spaces and introduce measures to reduce the pressure on parking as required.

7) I travel to work by public transport. Will I be able to start work earlier or later to avoid busier buses/trains? UPDATED - 21 August 10:00

Yes, we will offer colleagues flexibility around start and finish times so that those travelling by public transport can avoid busy periods.

The University is working with local travel partners on initiatives such as revised timetable and live heat maps showing current usage across services.

8) Will I have to wear a face covering on campus? UPDATED - 21 August 10:00

From Tuesday 1 September, face coverings will become mandatory inside all University buildings other than in areas where safe 2m social distancing is possible.

In order to support staff to meet this requirement, the University will be providing a washable, branded face covering to every member of staff and to students when they return to campus. We also recognise that some members of staff and students who have disabilities, which can sometimes be hidden disabilities, may be exempt from wearing face coverings. 

9) Will students have to wear a face covering on campus? UPDATED - 18 September 10:50

Students are expected to wear face coverings inside all buildings unless they have a specific exemption (exemption cards and sunflower lanyards are encouraged). In order to reduce the risks for all participants in the session, staff can ask any student who is not wearing a face covering whether they have an exemption, and to wear a face covering if they do not.

10) What is the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme? UPDATED - 18 September 10:50

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower originated in 2016 when London Gatwick Airport posed the question, ‘how can we recognise that one of our passengers may have a non obvious disability?’. The answer was to create a lanyard with a simple sunflower design on a green background. It was intended to be a discreet sign enabling airport staff to recognise that the wearer (or someone with them) may require some extra help, time or assistance when moving through the airport.

11) I have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, what do I need to?  UPDATED - 11 September 16:40

If you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive then you need to self-isolate for 14 days, contact NHS if you develop symptoms to arrange a test.

 If you come into close contact with someone with symptoms who has no test result then providing you yourself do not have symptoms then you do not need to self-isolate.

12) Will hand sanitiser be available in buildings? UPDATED - 21 August 10:00

Yes, hand sanitiser stands will be available around the building, including at entry points. There will also be hand sanitiser and wipes available in shared offices, kitchens, and near photocopiers.

13) Will the buildings be cleaned regularly? UPDATED - 27 August 15:40

An enhanced cleaning regime has been introduced and colleagues in Cleaning Services will be on site during the day.  They will focus on cleaning key ‘touch-points’, such as door handles, hand rails, and toilet facilities at regular intervals during the day.

A Cleaning Services Level Agreement will be in place on the front door of the building detailing the enhanced cleaning regime.

14) Where can I find the Cleaning Services Level Agreement for my building? UPDATED - 18 September 10:50

15) Will the toilets be cleaned regularly? UPDATED - 21 August 10:00

Yes, toilets will be open to staff and students and colleagues in Cleaning Services will clean these twice a day.

16) Will the kitchens be open? UPDATED - 21 August 10:00

Yes, kitchens will be open, although on a ‘one in, one out’ basis. Sanitiser and wipes will be provided in kitchen spaces.

17) Will showers be available to use? UPDATED - 27 August 15:40

Yes, showers will be cleaned daily as detailed in the Building Cleaning Services Level Agreement displayed at the entrance.

18) Will the cafés be open? UPDATED - 27 August 15:40

Starbucks Cafe in Muirhead Tower is due to reopen on Tuesday 2 September. Please note that we have been advised:

  • that furniture will need to stay in their fixed position and will not be able to be moved.
  • please do not bring your own cups, there will be no charge for disposable cups
  • disposable cutlery will also be available
  • card payments only.

Café 1902 in University House is due to reopen on 28 September. We have no current date for the outlet in the Alan Walters yet and whilst this will not be imminent Catering Services have committed to reopening it as soon as they are able.

19) What are the arrangements for teaching? UPDATED - 18 September 10:50

Academic Services are currently developing guidance on COVID-adapted teaching for 20/21 and you can find more information on the intranet page

20) Are students informed of the measures put in place? UPDATED - 21 August 10:00

A communications plan for students is being developed to ensure they feel confident in returning to campus and also the expectations for complying with safety measures whilst on campus.  Further details to follow. 

21) Where can I find out more about the University's Test, Trace and Protect process? UPDATED - 18 September 10:50

The University’s Test, Trace and Protect process complements the NHS and Public Health England Process and includes measures to ensure that staff and students understand the symptoms and know when and how to get tested. You can find more information on the Test and Trace pages.

22) I'm worried about the new local restrictions that have been put in place, where can I find out more information? UPDATED - 18 September 10:50

The University recognises that the national and local restrictions to contain COVID-19 may change and we have plans in place to enable us to respond quickly, safely and effectively to any changes that may affect staff, students and campus more generally. You can find all the latest information along with some FAQs for staff and students on our Local Restrictions webpage.


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