CoSS EDB related events

College of Social Sciences

  • Neurodiversity anti-social events (organised at University-level in association with the Enabling Staff Network)
    • 21/09/23 12:30pm – 2pm (Muirhead 118)
    • 19/10/23 12:30pm – 2pm (Muirhead 708-709)
    • 17/11/23 12:30pm – 2pm (Muirhead 121)
    • 14/12/23 12:30pm – 2pm (Muirhead 112)
  • Colleagues should contact Heather Ramsden to be added to the invite; alternatively, colleagues can join the Enabling Staff Network’s Teams Site (where the anti-socials are managed) by contacting David Cottam or Paula Douglas.

Birmingham Business School

  • Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in September
  • Diwali celebration in October
  • Christmas team building in December
  • Chinese New Year celebration in January
  • IWD round table: Empowering Women in The Birmingham Business School
  • IWD Workshop on Citation Justice

School of Government

  • School EDI forum (December 2022)
    • Semester 2 forum will be in spring.


Professional Services