Key people in the college

Detailed below are key contacts for the College. If you’re not sure who to contact please get in touch with one of the College Hub Support Team (Sue EliasKelly Kealey or Carol Fowler) or call into the College Hub office located on the 2nd floor of Muirhead Tower (East Wing).  They will be pleased to help.

Glyn Watson 
Interim Pro-Vice Chancellor and Head of College
(  ext.58104)

PA to Head of College: Sue Elias
(; ext. 48965)

Lorraine Gaytten
Director of Operations
(, ext. 47348) 

PA to Director of Operations: Stacey Smith
(; ext. 48963)

Karen Rowlingson
Deputy Head of College                                                                                                                                                                                  (

PA to Deputy Head of College:  Kelly Kealey                                                                                                                (; ext. 48964)

Joanne Duberley 
Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer

PA to Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer: Kelly Kealey
(; ext. 48964)

Graham Timmins
Director of Education

PA to Director of Education: Kelly Kealey
(; ext. 48964)

Heads of Schools

Catherine Cassell
Dean of Birmingham Business School

PA to Head of Business School:
Sandra McCalla (; ext. 46706)

Julie Allan
Head of School of Education

PA to Head of School of Education:
Caroline Baxter (; ext. 44831)

Mark Webber
Head of School of Government and Society

PA to Head of School of Government and Society:
Tina Aston (; ext. 48398)

Jon Glasby
Head of School of Social Policy

PA to Head of School of Social Policy:
Susan Miles (; ext.45030)

College services

Elizabeth Jack
College Alumni Relations Manager (Acting)
Tel: 0121 414 3127

Andy Newnham
College Business Engagement Partner
Tel: 0121 414 8065 (ext.48065)

David Evans
College Research Support Partner
Tel: 0121 414 8884 (ext. 48884)

David Allsop
Operations Manager, School of Social Policy (Compliance Officer)
Tel: +44(0)121 415 8559

Iola Jones
College Compliance Officer
Tel: +44(0)121 414 8245

Madeleine McGarrie
College Digital Marketing & Communications Manager
Tel: 0121 415 8171 (ext. 58171) 

Kabir Ganguly
TEL Hub Partnership and Development Manager
Tel: 0121 414 8973 (ext. 48973)

Donna Willmetts
College Facilities Manager
Tel: 0121 414 8433 (ext. 48433)

David Robertson
College Accountant
Tel: 0121 414 6101 (ext. 46101) 

Lora Morris
Head of Human Resources 
Tel: 0121 414 7347 (ext. 47347)
HR Team Secretary: (ext.49049)

Adam Gore
College Marketing & Communications Manager
Email: (ext.48885)

Lindsey Wright 
College Planning Partner
Tel: 0121 414 7905 (Mon, Fri - Aston Webb)
Tel: 0121 414 7256 (Tue, Wed, Thur - Muirhead)

Rebecca Rosewarne
College Academic Policy Partner
Tel: 0121 414 6718 (Mon, Fri - Aston Webb hub) 
Tel: 0121 414 6280 (Tue - Thu, 246 Muirhead) 

Caroline Hetherington
Quality and Student Experience Officer
Tel: 0121 414 6277 (ext. 46277)

Anthony Ford
IT Manager
Tel: 0121 414 3395 (ext. 43395)

Clare Dawson
Careers Consultant
Tel: 0121 414 9208 (ext. 49208)