Cold Water Shutdown

As work progresses on the library development near to North Car Park, and work starts on the new postgraduate teaching centre next to the Muirhead Tower, it has become necessary to divert some services, including the cold water main. This means that cold water to several buildings will be unavailable over the weekend of 12-13 July while the main is diverted away from the building sites.

The buildings which will be affected by this water shutdown include:

• 32 Pritchatts Road
• European Research Insititute
• 3 Elms Road
• Computer Centre
• Metallurgy and Materials
• IRC Netshape
• Gisbert Kapp
• 52 Pritchatts Road

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause to staff wishing to work in offices at the weekend. As this particular water main serves so many buildings, we have tried to schedule the work to avoid having to shut off the water on multiple occasions.


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