Digital media

If you're considering producing digital media for your project or campaign, you may find the guidance below helpful as a starting point. This content is aimed at academic staff in Colleges, but others may also find it useful.


You can see the range of videos including for student recruitment and research communications on the University YouTube channel. There’s lots of different approaches you can take with videos from traditional talking heads to vertical videos and Facebook livestreams. Speak to your local Marketing team to discuss options for video content.

To work out if a video is the right channel for your needs it’s useful to consider:

  • Who is your audience? And what kind of content appeals to them.
  • What do you want your audience to think, feel and do?
  • What is your call to action? A call to action is an instruction to the audience to provoke a response such as "find out more" or "register for an open day".
  • What style video will be most effective? (eg. Talking heads, animation, day in the life, aspirational)
  • How long should the video be? Some content suits a longer video while others are better if they are less than two minutes or even under 30 seconds for some social media channels.
  • Where will your video be seen? You may need to take a different approach if you want the video to be effective on Facebook compared to YouTube.
  • How will you know if your video will be a success?

Videos can take time and resource so it is worth planning and considering these points before starting. This avoids the risk of creating a video that isn’t watched by many people or appropriate for your target audience.


You can use Dictaphones to record lectures or talks. Your local Marketing team can show you how to use them and can upload the edited file to Soundcloud and promote it on the website. You’ll need to make sure you have permission from those you record before it can be published.

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Creative Media

You can approach the creative team for film and audio production, post film production and editing, green screen filming and animation and film effects.

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For livestreaming and recording events, whether video or audio only, you can use event capture in Panopto.

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