Can you send my certificate or transcript to World Education Services (WES)?

If you require your degree documents to be evaluated by World Education Services (WES), first of all you need to apply directly to WES for this service via their website, and pay the required fees.

If you started your course in 2002 or afterwards, you can then provide WES with access to your degree documents electronically. When you are instructed by WES to provide your degree documents, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Secure Documents website (Verify), click "student and graduate login", and log in with your university login details. These will still work beyond completion on this site, however, you must enter your email address in the format If you no longer have your login details, or you have any problems logging in, please log a call with our IT Service Desk to retrieve or reset your details.
  2. Click on "View Secure Documents"
  3. Click on the menu button (grey button with three lines on) next to the degree that WES are evaluating. Then click on "eCertificate" or "eTranscript". The document should then appear on the screen. Check that it appears as you are expecting it to, then click on the cross on the top-right of the document to close it. If anything does not look correct, or you cannot get the document to appear, please contact us using the “contact us” link at the bottom of this page, and do not proceed further with these instructions until you have received a reply from us.
  4. Repeat step 3 if you are sharing more than one document (for example, you are sharing both a certificate and a transcript, or if you have more than one degree with us.)
  5. Once you are happy with all the documents, click on "connections", at the top centre of the page.
  6. Click on "add connection".
  7. Enter "WES" as the first name, last name and company, and as the email address (please be very careful to enter the email address correctly, with no spaces or extra characters before or after it, or the connection will fail). Enter an expiry date at least 4 weeks into the future.
  8. On the right of the page, it will show all the degree documents you have available to share, and by default, it will share all of them. Untick any that you do not wish to share with WES.
  9. Click "send".

After you click "send", WES will receive an automated email from us, notifying them that they can view your degree documents in their account. They will be accessible to WES until the expiry date you specified.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter a WES reference number when sharing documents this way. WES have confirmed to us that whilst they prefer to have a reference number provided, they can match up documents using names and dates of birth. Please inform WES if your degree documents display a different name to the name you have applied to them under.

The Secure Documents website does not provide a way of including accompanying forms. WES have confirmed to us that their Academic Records Request form is not essential, provided all the information they need is included on the degree documents. However, if you are applying to have a PhD certificate or transcript evaluated, please complete the top section of a WES Doctoral Degree conferral form, and email it to us at, so that we can complete our section and forward it to WES.

Please note this method of sharing degree documents can only be used for courses started in 2002 or later. If you started a course before 2002 and require it to be evaluated by WES, please email for further help.

If you studied at University College Birmingham (UCB), and received a degree which was accredited by the University of Birmingham, please email for further help.

If you studied Dentistry, Dental Hygiene and Therapy, Education, or a Presessional English programme please also see the special arrangements detailed at: How do I get a copy of my transcript?


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