Key dates for students 2023/2024

Please note, the sections highlighted in yellow are part of term-time. All students are expected to be in attendance throughout term time, including assessment support and assessment periods.

Monday 18 - Friday 22 September  Welcome Week 2023
Monday 25 September Academic teaching year starts
Monday 25 September - Friday 27 October 

Teaching continues 

Monday 30 October - Friday 3 November

Teaching, Academic and assessment support week

Monday 6 November - Friday 1 December 

Teaching continues 

Monday 4 December - Friday 8 December 

Teaching, Academic and assessment support week

Monday 11 December - Friday 5 January  Winter vacation 
Saturday 6 January - Saturday 13 January

January assessment period (read more)

Monday 15 January - Friday 16 February 

Teaching continues 

Monday 19 February - Friday 23 February

Teaching, Academic and assessment support week

Monday 26 February - Friday 22 March

Teaching continues 

Monday 25 March - Friday 19 April Spring vacation 
Monday 22 April - Friday 3 May

Teaching, Academic and assessment support weeks

Saturday 4 May - Saturday 1 June

Main summer assessment period (read more)

Monday 3 June - Friday 21 June

Summer Term continues: transition, progression and skills development

Friday 21 June 

End of term for undergraduates

Monday 24 June

For taught postgraduates, the summer research period begins on 24 June 2024.

(This time is normally for focusing on the Dissertation/Project. Taught Postgraduate programmes, when taken on a full-time basis, typically last 12 months.)

Monday 12 August - Friday 23 August 

Supplementary exam period (read more)

Academic year dates may vary for some programmes of study. In particular, the dates for professional programmes (such as clinical, education and social work programmes) and taught postgraduate  programmes (especially those undertaken as continuing professional development) may vary, so please check your offer letter and all communications from your School or Department regarding academic year dates. 

The academic calendars for programmes of study taught by our Birmingham International Academy (BIA) and at our Dubai campus also vary slightly from the main academic calendars. Details are available here: 

You can find future years' term dates on the University's main term dates page. Dates provided are correct at the time of publication, but may be subject to change.



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