Key dates for students

Please note that the dates below relate to the standard teaching period at the University. The academic dates may vary for some programmes of study; in particular postgraduate or professional programmes, so please check all communications from your School regarding specific dates.


 Monday 19 to Sunday 26 September  WELCOME WEEK 2022  
Monday 26 September SEMESTER ONE STARTS  
Monday 19 December Christmas vacation starts  
Friday 6 January Christmas vacation ends   
Saturday 7 January January exams start (
Friday 20 January SEMESTER ONE ENDS  
Saturday 21 January January exams end   
Sunday 22 to Friday 27 January  UoBe Festival  
Monday 30 January SEMESTER TWO STARTS  
Monday 27 March - Friday 14 April Easter vacation  
Saturday 13 May Main summer exams start (
Saturday 10 June Main summer exams end  
Friday 23 June SEMESTER TWO ENDS  
Monday 14 August Supplementary exams start (
Friday 25 August Supplementary exams end  


Monday 18  - Friday 22 September Welcome Week
Monday 25 September Academic teaching year starts
Monday 11 December - Friday 5 January Winter vacation 
Monday 25 March - Friday 19 April Spring vacation
Friday 21 June  Academic teaching year ends


Monday 23 – Friday 27 September  Welcome Week
Monday 30 September Academic teaching year starts
Monday 16 December - Friday 10 January Winter vacation 
Monday 7 April - Friday 2 May Spring vacation
Friday 27 June  Academic teaching year ends



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