Student EDI Team

Professional Services


Dr. Sammy Li

Assistant Director of Student Affairs (Postgraduate and Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) 

Sammy leads the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) for Students and the University Graduate School (UGS) Teams within Student Services. He has a strategic role in developing partnerships to advance inclusive policy and practice for students across the University. His work emphasises on supporting students from different backgrounds to realise their potential in learning and development during their university life. Sammy is a seasoned traveller with a doctorate in tourism management who enjoys exploring the diversity in different cultures and societies.


Photo of Dr. Sammy Li - Assistant Director of Student Affairs (Postgraduate and Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion)

Susan Onens

Accessibility and Inclusivity Adviser

Sue is the Inclusivity Adviser and works closely with  colleagues to embed inclusive practice and  promote wider accessibility across the University. Working with and for students with disabilities is one of her areas of focus; Sue has worked at the University for over 20 years, previously as Head of Learning Support. Sue has a keen interest in research and an evidence base to underpin practice and has presented at National Conferences. She is an advocate for ‘Access for All’  and Universal Design for Learning principles. Sue has a background in teaching and working with students with Specific Learning Differences.   


Photo of Susan Onens - Accessibility Inclusivity Adviser

Peter Collins

Partnership and Engagement Manager

As the Partnership and Engagement Manager, Pete coordinates the Birmingham Scholar programme for over 3,500 students in partnership with the Careers Network, the Academic Skills Centre, and College leads. Pete is passionate about Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion and has a background in television, consultancy and autism awareness. 


Photo of Peter Colins - Partnership and Engagement Manager

Alex Ferranti 

Student Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer

Alex jointed the Team in June 2023 as the Student Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer. Alex’s will work closely with the College Co-Ordinators and a team of student assistants to manage the EDI ambassador programme. Alex will also attend EDI meetings within the colleges and look for ways to generate more connections across the University. Alex has strong international background and his periods living, working and studying abroad has helped him to develop cultural awareness and gain practical skills in intercultural communication.


Photo of Alex Ferranti - Student Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer

College Officers


Dr Kat Grover

EPS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Officer

Kat leads on and implements EDI initiatives across the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Kat’s work focuses on ensuring the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences is a supportive and inclusive environment for staff and students to thrive in and works closely with the Equality and Diversity team within Academic Services and other colleagues across the University.

Photo of Dr Kat Grover - EPS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Officer

MDS College Outreach, Equality and Diversity Officer

For further information on the MDS College Outreach, Equality and Diversity Officer, please email

EDI Student Ambassadors


Andeep Ghataure 

EDISA for the College of Medical and Dental Sciences

“I believe everyone is entitled to equal opportunities to thrive, and we should all work to remove the barriers that exist so the College of MDS, University and beyond can be a more inclusive and welcoming environment.”




Photo of Andeep Ghataure - EDISA for the College of Medical and Dental Sciences.Andeep Ghataure


Charity Agwu

EDISA for Birmingham Scholar

"As the EDI student ambassador for Birmingham Scholar, I want to make sure that people from underrepresented backgrounds have access to resources and opportunities that would help them with their studies and career goals. University should be a positive experience for all students and so I want to create a more in depth understanding of EDI and why it is important when it comes to the student experience."  


Photo of Charity Agwu - EDISA for Birmingham ScholarCharity Agwu



Charity Otote

EDISA for the College of Life and Environmental Sciences

"Within this role, I hope to ensure that people feel like they genuinely belong by creating safe spaces for underrepresented students and opportunities for them to discuss their experiences candidly. I'm especially looking forward to increasing inclusion through organising new and exciting events and I'm dedicated to making an active effort to address problems within the institution."


Photo of Charity Otote - EDISA for the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.Charity Otote


Ciara Winston

EDISA for the College of Social Sciences

"I am really excited to join the EDISA team this year. I want to ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging to campus, that the diversity in our community is acknowledged, appreciated and respected, and that opportunities at the University are accessible to all."



Photo of Ciara Winston - EIDSA for the College of Social Sciences.Ciara Winston


Clem Atkins 

EDISA for the College of Arts and Law

"I am enthusiastic about projects and events that help people to come together from all walks of life. As an autistic person and member of the LGBTQ+ community, I know first-hand how important inclusive practises are to feeling welcome, respected and enabled at University."



Photo of Clem Atking - EDISA for the College of Arts and Law.Clem Atkins 


Inês Mendes 

EDISA for the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences 

“ I am very passionate about championing equality, diversity and inclusion in STEM at UoB. As an EDI student ambassador, I look forward to amplifying the voices of minority groups and showcasing inspiring role modes. 

Together we can help to create an inclusive STEM community where every student feels values and empowered.”


Photo of Inês Mendes - EDISA for the College of Social Sciences.
Inês Mendes 


Jasmeet Kaur

EDISA for Communications

"My passion is to create a campus where our differences are cherished, and we can blossom in the garden of diversity!"



Photo of Jasmeet Kaur - EDISA for Communications.Jasmeet Kaur


Lydia Cant 

EDISA for Careers Network 

"I am super excited to create meaningful change on campus, by ensuring everyone feels valued, safe and represented. I am determined to ensure all students have the accessibility, knowledge and confidence to grasp opportunities available to them and achieve their goals.” 


Photo of Lydia Cant - EDISA for Careers Network.Lydia Cant


Mariam Abadi

EDISA for Sport and Fitness

"I want everybody to experience a sense of belonging and inclusion at university, particularly in our amazing sport and fitness gym! I am going to be working hard to break down barriers and foster an open and safe environment for everyone to feel comfortable in." 



Mariam AbadiMariam Abadi


Olivia Bailey

EDISA for Accessibility 

"I am passionate about embedding equality, celebrating diversity and creating an inclusive culture here at UoB. I would like to make university accessible for all and give minority students a voice."

Photo of Olivia Bailey - EDISA for Accessibility.Olivia Bailey






Professional Services