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Professional Services


Dr. Sammy Li

Adviser on Student Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. 

Sammy leads the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for Students team within Student Services. He has a strategic role in developing partnerships to advance inclusive policy and practice for student equality across the University. His work emphasises on supporting students from different backgrounds to realise their potential in learning and development during their university life. Sammy is a seasoned traveller with a doctorate in tourism management who enjoys exploring the diversity in different cultures and societies.


Dr. Sammy Li on campus

Susan Onens

Inclusivity Adviser

Sue is the Inclusivity Adviser and works closely with  colleagues to embed inclusive practice and  promote wider accessibility across the University. Working with and for students with disabilities is one of her areas of focus; Sue has worked at the University for over 20 years, previously as Head of Learning Support. Sue has a keen interest in research and an evidence base to underpin practice and has presented at National Conferences. She is an advocate for ‘Access for All’  and Universal Design for Learning principles. Sue has a background in teaching and working with students with Specific Learning Differences.   

Susan Onens in garden

Leanne B.M. Campbell

Student Success and Inclusion Officer

Leanne leads the Birmingham Scholar programme of student support. The programme is designed to support undergraduate students from backgrounds that are currently under-represented in Higher Education to achieve their full academic potential. Prior to moving to Student Services Leanne worked in Strategic Planning at the University and has also worked as an academic skills advisor and teaching associate in the School of Education. She is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has an academic background in Linguistics and Social Sciences. Leanne is passionate about equity in education and is currently working on her doctoral thesis which focuses on social justice in university admissions.



Head shot of Leanne

Peter Collins

Student Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer

As the Student Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Pete works closely with the College Co-Ordinators and a team of student assistants to manage the EDI ambassador programme. Pete also attends EDI meetings within the colleges and looks for ways to generate more connections across the University. Pete has a background in television, consultancy and autism awareness. 


Pete Collins outside office building

College Officers


Claire Bonnet

EPS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Officer

Claire leads on and implements EDI initiatives across the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Claire’s work focuses on ensuring the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences is a supportive and inclusive environment for staff and students to thrive in and works closely with the Equality and Diversity team within Academic Services and other colleagues across the University.

Claire Bonnet in a cafe.

Tom Syder

MDS College Outreach, Equality and Diversity Officer

Tom is based within the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, and his role is split between outreach and widening participation activities and equality and diversity initiatives for students and staff. This includes coordination of the Student Equality and Diversity Ambassador programme for MDS, organisation of EDI themed events within the College, and working with the College Student Experience team on initiatives to promote and embed equality and inclusion for all students.

Tom Syder profile photo

EDI Student Ambassadors



Yaj Arora


"I'm extremely proud to be a part of an environment that is extremely rich in culture & diversity here at UoB and I am excited to ensure that it is always celebrated for the same."


Headshot of Yaj

Chalisa Chintrakarn

EDISA for Postgraduates.

"During my PhD education on social inequalities, I came to understand how diversity in a range of domains can lead to equality."


Headshot of Chalisa


Ratnadip Das

EDISA for Careers Network.

"I am passionate about diversity and equality because I believe that fostering an inclusive environment betters us on an individual level and leads to material benefits for society and its institutions."

Headshot of Ratnadip

Maria 'MG' Grazia Giorgio


"I believe there is power in inclusion, acceptance and embracing all cultures and differences."

Headshot of MG

Ashley Horatio


"I believe that by celebrating the things that unite us, we minimise those things that divide us, and that inclusivity fosters a healthy learning and social environment that enables all students to thrive."

Headshot of Ashley

Subomi Ige

EDISA for Wellbeing / Academic Services.

"I want to be able to create a space where each individual and group feels safe and included."

Headshot of Subomi

Charlie Knight

EDISA for Disability Smart.

"This year I will be working on ways to make our university more accessible for people with disabilities, which is something that means a lot to me personally."


Headshot of Charlie

Alice Melson


"I’m excited to pair my academic interests with my personal ones in a role which can help create meaningful change within the university."

Headshot of Alice

Halimah Parveen


"It's important to recognise the need for inclusive and welcoming environments, ensuring greater diversity is maintained not only within University but society on the whole."

Headshot of Halimah

Kimran Sunner

EDISA for Comms. 

"I am passionate about uplifting the voices of all underrepresented groups and ensuring that inclusivity is embedded into the framework of the UoB campus."

Headshot of Kimran







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