Update for international undergraduate students: attendance obligations for the remainder of the academic year 2022/23

This message does not apply to students studying Pre-sessional English at the Birmingham International Academy.

This is an important reminder for our undergraduate international students.

As international students, studying in the UK on a student visa, you will be aware of your requirements under the terms of your student visa which are set by the UK Government.  The University, as your “sponsor” also has a number of requirements placed upon it - and together, the student and the University, we must follow these requirements so that you can continue to study in the UK.

One of these requirements is that international students must be on campus throughout the published semester dates this includes Assessment Support Weeks and Assessment Weeks.  During each of these weeks, the University ensures international students are given at least two opportunities to register their attendance on campus for academic or academic-related activities.  We use a variety of methods to register engagement and attendance – including the My Attendance App on your phone.  This helps both you and the University to meet the visa requirements.

Semester 2 ends on Friday 23 June 2023 – and in each week until 23 June we will continue to support your visa requirements by asking you to register your attendance every week.  This includes the “assessment / examination weeks” and that is regardless of whether some or all of those examinations are taking place in person, or not.

The Academic Calendar 2022/23 is published here:  Key dates for students (birmingham.ac.uk)

After the assessment period (Saturday 13 May –  Saturday 10 June) there are a further two weeks of the semester during which you are still expected to be on campus - and during which you will need to continue to register your attendance.  In this two-week period your Schools and Colleges will be organising a range of academic-related and other activities to support your ongoing learning, develop your academic skills, transition to the next level of study or transition to completion and graduation.   These are important activities and sessions to help you make the most of your time in Birmingham and you should attend these.  

If you have examinations and assessments coming up in the next few weeks, then we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all good luck! And if you will be completing and graduating this year then we are looking forward to seeing you all at your graduation ceremonies in July. 

If you need any further information, advice or support then you can always contact your College on one of the email addresses below or see the International Students Team webpages here: International Student Team (birmingham.ac.uk)

College of Arts and Law

College of Medical and Dental Sciences

College of Social Sciences

College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Birmingham International Academy


With all of our very best wishes – we hope that you have a good remainder of this academic year.


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