University Recommendation on working during your studies

The University recommends that one year master students should not work during their studies, and that students on other courses do not work more than 15 hours per week during term time, even if immigration rules allow them to. You should never work more than the hours allowed by immigration rules or you will be in breach of the conditions of your visa which can have serious consequences.

If you are studying a part time course, you will not be allowed to work or undertake a work placement as part of your course.

Please note that the 20 or 10 hour limitations are per week. A 'week' is defined as 7 days, from Monday to Sunday. The periods worked cannot be averaged over a month. The permitted number of hours must fit into a 7 day period starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday.

However, some courses such as taught masters or PhDs may not follow the standard academic calendar as you may be expected to work on a thesis or dissertation during the University vacation period. This time would be considered as term-time for you.

For specific term dates and vacation dates see University calendar.


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