Advice for EU and EEA Nationals who believe they hold British Citizenship

During our Right to Study checks for EU nationals we have received several queries from EU students who believe they hold British citizenship based on birth in the UK and/or parents nationality but they do not hold a UK passport as evidence of their nationality. 

Having contacted the Home Office in relation to this matter they have advised that for Right to Study Check (RTS) purposes EU/EEA students who are dual nationals can only be considered for the nationality for which they hold documentary evidence, such as a passport.  This is regardless of their eligibility for British nationality based on their birth and/or parents nationality.

Please read this information carefully if you currently only have documentary evidence to prove your EU nationality. 

To evidence your British nationality you are required to provide documentary evidence of this for the University to update your nationality status for RTS purposes.  In absence of a British passport the University can only consider you as the national of the passport you currently hold.

You will find some information below on the steps you should take in order to evidence your British nationality or alternative evidence of RTS under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) for EU nationals.

Applying for a British Passport

If you believe that you hold British nationality then you should apply for a British passport, more information can be found at the following website.

Applying for EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)

If you do not hold a British passport or are not intending to apply for one then you will need to apply for the EUSS in order to confirm your Right to Study in the UK. More information on EU/EEA students studying in the UK can be found on the University website.  Please note the deadline for this scheme is 30th June 2021.

For details of the EU Settlement Scheme, including who needs to apply and how to submit an application please see visit

If you have any questions about your Right to Study in the UK please contact the International Student Team at Student Help.


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