Stay connected with Microsoft Teams

All students now have access to Microsoft Teams, an online communication and collaboration tool.

Teams enables flexible working and collaboration from wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

Similar to a Whatsapp or a Facebook group, Teams allows you to set up your own groups or ‘Teams’ to separate content. A Team can be a group of people who either work together on a project or an assignment, or have a common interest.

The instant messaging and video chat tools are perfect for virtual group work, quick discussions or a chat with a friend to check in and say hello. You can also hold group video meetings, co-create and collaborate on documents in real-time and securely share them with other people in your Team.

Teams is available on all devices and is fully integrated with all your other Microsoft 365 tools bringing your University Outlook account, Calendar and other Microsoft 365 apps like Planner, Word, Excel, OneNote and OneDrive together in one single place.

You can download the free desktop app for your PC or Mac or access Teams via your web browser. You can also download the free mobile app for your iOS or Android device.

Find out how to access Teams.

Discover more about how to use Teams at our dedicated Microsoft 365 Hub.

Before you start using Teams please read the Microsoft 365 Student Guidance.


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