University statement 15.12.20

We support unequivocally the position of all major UK therapy professional bodies, including the NHS and British Psychological Society, that conversion therapy, where the aim is to change a person's sexual orientation or to suppress gender identity, is unethical, degrading and potentially harmful. As a University we are an active member of Stonewall and are committed to promoting equality, diversity and fairness irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity.

While we are unable to find any evidence that this was a University sanctioned research project, we are aware that during the late 1960s/70s there may have been some isolated activity of this nature. We believe that this was wholly inappropriate and deeply regret that such potentially harmful activity may have taken place; we have engaged with the individual on a number of occasions to highlight our regret.

We understand that some members of our community may be affected by this case and are providing access to additional support.

Support for students

  • Our Pause team are available on campus, online and on the phone to support students.  You can drop-in and talk to a wellbeing practitioner or contact the service directly.  
  • Throughout the Christmas vacation period Student Space provide a dedicated resource for student mental health and wellbeing, with resources, advice and someone to talk to. 

Support for staff

  • The Rainbow Network offer informal discussion.. 
  • The Harassment Advice Service has an advisor trained to help with LGBTQ issues. 

External support

  • Birmingham LGBT is a community support resource that offers wellbeing support, advice and counselling services. 
  • Switchboard is a national LGBT+ advice service with excellent resources, chat, phone and e-mail support available.


Professional Services