Burglar proof your home for Easter

Student Content Shaper Christine shares some safety advice

Heading home now that term has ended? We’ve got you covered with some important safety information to protect your homes and look after your valuables.

Before you rush off to enjoy the Easter break and time with family and friends, remember to securely lock your front door.

Be careful not to leave any expensive valuables in plain sight, such as laptops, phones, jewellery. Ideally, you should take them with you but if you’re leaving them behind make sure you store them in a safe place in drawers and cupboards. It’s a good idea to cover your possessions with insurance if you ever needed to replace them.

The best way to protect your shared homes is to ensure your doors and windows are closed with secure locks. If these openings are not sturdy, speak to your landlord and ask them to upgrade them as soon as possible. You can also pick up free window and door alarms from the Community Safety Hub for an added layer of security. These devices can deter burglars and alert you if someone tries to break in.

Check that your garden gates are locked and fences secure. This can sometimes be an easy route for intruders to enter your property without anyone knowing.

We care about your safety and want you to have an enjoyable living experience. If you have any questions or concerns talk to
your Guild Safety Wardens or drop by the Community Safety Hub, open Monday to Friday 10.00-16:00 in the North Gate Lodge at the top of the Green Heart.


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