Free and confidential STI testing available in Birmingham

Did you know that you people between the ages of 15 and 24 are most likely to be diagnosed with STIs? Most recently, gonorrhoea diagnoses have rocketed.

Taking the steps to receive testing can feel daunting and might be a little bit intimidating, especially in a new environment at university when you’re unaware of the local services and support available to help you. However, it’s a crucial step towards making sure physical health is safe and protected. Booking testing means you can get detected for any STIs early and receive treatment, if need be, to reduce the damage caused to your body and reproductive systems.

The UK Health Security Agency encourages you to use condoms with new or casual partners and to partake in regular testing. Condoms are the best form of defence against STIs and there are many different locations locally where you can pick up free condoms.

If you do participate in condomless sexual intercourse with new or casual partners, it’s important to be aware that many people don’t display symptoms of STIs and can pass on them without realising. As a result, it’s recommended to receive regular testing and screening at least once a year. There are many options to gain free, confidential, and thorough STI testing. Brook and Umbrella Health offer services locally but there are more services across the country.

And remember, getting tested is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a step to ensure you can take control of your sexual health and prioritise your own wellbeing. STIs can have a major impact on your health and on the health of your sexual partners, and serious health issues can occur because of STIs. The services provided are confidential, secure, and supportive to offer the best support and healthcare for you.


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