Generative AI tool use in your studies

Generative AI tools, such as Open AI’s ChatGPT, are modes of technology that produce brand-new outputted content in various formats, such as text or images.

As a rising form of technology that you will likely depend upon in the future, it can have a dramatic impact on the ways you learn, study and are assessed throughout your academic experiences. These guidelines outlined by the University on the use of AI technology aim to support, guiding and advising your use of the technologies.

The Academic Skills Centre has also developed specific guidance to encourage you to become ‘AI-literate’ and advocate for the effective, ethical and clear use of this technology. It’s a great page to read over to familiarise yourself with the tools available to use alongside your studies and it will continue to be updated as new developments occur.

Your School can also provide supportive information on the use of AI tools in academic work. AI is an important tool to enhance and complement your learning, but your own critical thinking and analysis abilities are an important skill to enhance during lectures, classes and seminars with peers, tutors, and lecturers.

If you have any further questions about the use of AI technologies in your university journey, then please do speak to your tutors as they will ensure that you receive the correct information for your subject and specific courses.


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