Exam and Assignment Support Available

 Over the next few weeks in the Brum Bulletin we will be sharing information to support you from the assessment period through to exam boards.

We know that you are all busy preparing for your exams and assignments so here is a reminder of the resources we have to support you.

We will be running Assessment Support Week (ASW), from Monday 10 May 2021 for two weeks, prior to the assessment period in semester two.

A variety of activities will take place during the ASWs to support different types of assessment such as different forms of exam and ongoing in-course exercises. These will differ by subject, module and student, but they will broadly separate into two areas of focus; providing you with support to help you organise and plan your ongoing studies, such as workshops on wellbeing, time management, writing skills and module specific exam support that will be embedded in your Schools.

Since exams in May/June will be mainly online and open book, School support will focus on the format of the specific assessments alongside more conventional revision of the subject-specific knowledge.

For the May ASW the material will be provided almost exclusively online, similar to the teaching you have been engaged with this year. You will continue to be able to access the resources after the ASW period to help you consolidate your revision. These resources will be signposted via a dedicated Canvas page and will be advertised during ASW via the MyUoB app. You can also book onto activities, run by the Academic Skills Centre and weekly drop in sessions. In addition there are also resources to support your academic skills on LinkedIn Learning.

Finally, we know that some of you may experience difficulties that prevent you completing your assignments or undertaking your exams. This year, due to the continuing global pandemic, we have made some changes to support you in our Extenuating Circumstances and Extension process.

Please do take advantage of the support on offer during Assessment Support Week in preparation for your assessments this semester.


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