The new Young Independent Student Award

The Government has asked universities to identify groups of students who will need particular support during the coronavirus pandemic and additional funds have been allocated to the University to help them. The University has added to this funding so that we can help more students.  

We will be using part of the funding to help those classed as an Independent Student by the Student Loans Company who have no financial sponsors, are full time, aged under 25 and an undergraduate at our UK campus. Independent Students include those who parents are estranged (no communication for at least a year before the start of their course), those with no living parents, and many care leavers.

Students without a family support network face a number of challenges during their studies and often financial concerns.  The ongoing pandemic has worsened many of these difficulties as well as creating new ones.

To help alleviate financial hardship and some of the associated anxieties, the University is pleased to announce the Young Independent Student Award of £1,000. Eligible students will be automatically notified if they qualify for an award – there is no need to apply. 

This new award is in addition to the Enhanced Student Support Fund, which remains open to all current Birmingham students. 


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