Use your voice. Register to vote.

The UK Local Elections take place on Thursday 6 May but the closing date to register to vote is Monday 19 April. Make sure you are registered to vote to have your say on that are issues important to you in the local area.

Voting in a local election will provide you with the chance to put in place Local Councillors, directly elected Mayors and Police and Crime Commissioners. You will have an impact many of the services you see and use every day.

Local Councillors and Mayors have control over housing, highways, transport, services, healthcare, education and much more. Police and Crime Commissioners will be responsible for setting budgets, creating plans to manage crime and providing general oversight of your local police force.

It’s always a good idea to research the candidates for your area to ensure you know who will best represent you and the key issues you’re passionate about. It’s so important to use your voice and have your say, as this will influence decision-making on policing and local legislation.

The Guild of Students have more information on their website.



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