Guidance on getting Covid tested and moving out

As we reach the end of the academic year, many of you will be moving out, which brings with it lots of questions about Covid testing and what to do if you need to self-isolate. Please see below some helpful advice and information for moving out and covid testing.

Self-isolation in your student house

With a rise of students in self-isolation, there have been some questions about what to do if you still need to self-isolate when your tenancy ends.

The Government guidance states that ‘moving home is not appropriate if those involved pose a direct risk of transmitting Covid-19’. This means that if you have tested positive for Covid-19, or are self-isolating following contact with someone else who tested positive, you should not move out before your self-isolation period has ended.

If you are in accommodation, please speak to your Reception or Customer Service Manager to discuss extending your stay.

If you are in private rented accommodation, speak to your landlord/letting agent first about your situation. Government guidance states that ‘all parties involved should be as flexible as possible over this period and be prepared to delay moves.

If your landlord is putting pressure on you to leave while you are still self-isolating, or not being accommodating about the situation, please get in touch with either Guild Advice or Community Living to seek further advice.

Test before you move

It’s important that you get a Covid test before moving home, please see below the advice on getting a PCR test:

Birmingham City Council Guidance is that that you take a PCR test three days before you travel, and the Birmingham City Council Public Health Team advises that you can now book a free PCR test even if you have no symptoms. There’s a PCR test site on campus at the marquee outside the Sports and Fitness centre.

When you book your test online you’ll be asked why you want a test, please answer: ‘I’ve been told to get a test by my local council, health protection team or healthcare professional / My local council or health protection team has asked me to get a test, even though I do not have symptoms’

Use the postcode B15 2TU and select a walk in appointment at University of Birmingham, South Gate Car Park. Book your test. More information on testing, including home testing can be found here. 

Covid Vaccine

You can also book your Covid vaccine before moving out. This week on Tuesday 29 June, Wednesday 30 June and Thursday 1 July there will be a vaccination centre on campus available for students, find out more and how to book here.

Stay safe!


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