Birmingham's most popular places to 'take a breath'

A new survey has revealed that our very own Winterbourne Gardens is one of the most popular place in Birmingham for local people to ‘take a breath’ and connect with their lungs.

The survey, commissioned by Taskforce for Lung Health, invited local residents to name their favourite city location where they can enjoy their own breathing space, as part of a brand-new awareness campaign around lung health.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, a 15-acre garden in Edgbaston, was the most popular choice with 21% of the vote. Winterbourne received ten percent of the vote making it into the top five alongside city locations Cannon Hill Park (19%), canal-side at Mailbox (17%), and St Paul’s Square (10%).

Taskforce for Lung Health is encouraging people in the city to look after their lungs, as well as increase their understanding of the challenges faced by the 1 in 5 people in the UK who live with lung disease. People take on average 25,000 breaths a day, and yet good lung health is something that can often be taken for granted.

 It is estimated that over 55,000 people in Birmingham & Solihull and Sandwell & West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - a group of lung conditions that causes breathing difficulties. Both areas are in the top fifth of CCGs in the country for prevalence of the condition.

To find out more about the Taskforce for Lung Health ‘Take a Breath’ campaign, and how you can get involved, follow the hashtag #BreatheInBrum. 

Why not get some fresh air at Winterbourne gardens - it's free to enter for students, just show your ID card.


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