Top tips for moving out

Moving time is fast approaching, check out these top tips from Guild Advice and the Community Wardens for moving out of the community.

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Review your landlord, letting agency and neighbourhood here, so future students can get a full picture of their potential living situation. 

Giving notice

Be sure to check out your contract for any terms and conditions when moving out. Do you need to give notice in writing?

  • Check your tenancy agreement for any specific requirements e.g. an address or email where notice should be sent.
  • Write a dated letter/email, specifying your leaving date.
  • Send the letter/email to your letting agent or landlord, and keep a copy for yourself. 

Waste and recycling 

If you leave all waste until moving day it won't fit into your wheelie bin, so be sure to start clearing it out a few weeks early.  You can arrange a collection of bulky waste (e.g. desks, chairs and beds). 

Remember, you can be fined for leaving rubbish on the street, and the Council regularly patrol Selly Oak, so please dispose of your waste responsibly. You can also donate any unwanted items to Junkbusters.


Your landlord can make reasonable deductions from your deposit to pay for any repairs, cleaning or damage caused by tenants. Bu these deductions must first be agreed with you.

Landlords can make deductions for:

  • Unpaid rent
  • Damage to the property or furnishings
  • Missing items
  • Cleaning costs

Your landlord must protect your deposit in a tenancy deposit scheme and provide you with details of this at the start of your tenancy. This makes is easier to resolves any disputes and helps you get your deposut back if you're entitled to it. Please contact Guild Advice for further information about deposit rights.

Things to make you do at the end of your tenancy:

  • Cancel your TV license and broadband.
  • Arrange to have post redirected through Royal Mail.
  • Record final meter readings and send them to the utilities companies.
  • Pay your final rent instalment and utility bills. 
  • Ensure your room and house is left clean.
  • Check your inventory from when you moved in to make sure the property is in a suitable condition.
  • Take photos to evidence the condition of the property when you left. 
  • Return all keys to the landlord.
  • Reviewing your house/landlord


Further information and advice can be found on the Guild Advice, Communty Wardens and Community Living webpages. 


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