University launches new recovery programme for students

A pilot programme designed to work with students in recovery from addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling or other behavioural addiction could provide a template approach to supporting student recovery nationwide.

Launched at the University of Birmingham, the programme will work with young adult students to support their recovery while surrounded by the social demands of a typical university. Leading the programme is Dr Ed Day, an expert in addiction psychiatry at the University of Birmingham and the UK Government’s Drug Recovery Champion. Luke Trainor who is based in the University’s Institute for Mental Health will also act as the Programme Manager. 

The programme will include five key elements:

  • Recovery Support – An on-campus space for support group meetings, providing students with a peer group that can also provide insulation from pressure to take part in drinking, substance use or other problematic behaviours
  • Educational support – Advice and assistance to help students navigate their way through university application, admission and on-going learning.
  • Peer support – a series of seminars aimed at relapse prevention, building a social support network, and a range of health and wellbeing issues.
  • Family support – Education and support to help recovering students live outside of their family supervision.
  • Community support – social activities that are alcohol and substance free, and designed to support recovery, along with volunteering projects aimed at helping the local community.

The programme will start with the new academic year in September 2021. 

Find out more about the new recovery programme for students. 


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