Inspirational UoB student set to graduate 10 years after brain tumour diagnosis

Kian Jones, 21, is set to graduate 10 years after brain tumour diagnosis
Final-year BA Criminology student Kian Jones, 21, is set to graduate in July – 10 years after being diagnosed with a rare brain tumour.

Kian first started showing symptoms aged 11, when his painful headaches and bouts of vomiting started to get his mum, nurse Sabina Jones, fearing the worst.

After three hospital visits and a CT scan, Kian was diagnosed with a rare germ cell tumour on his brain.

Now, multiple surgeries and gruelling periods of radio- and chemotherapy later, Kian is set to graduate from his Criminology course hoping to begin a career in the police service.

According to Kian’s mum Sabina, being diagnosed as a child meant that he’s had to grow up quickly. While initially being reluctant to share his story, he has now become a campaigner for young people living with brain tumour.

This year, Kian travelled to Ghana to volunteer for the National Citizen Service (NCS) building houses and later becoming a mentor for other young people.

Kian and his mum are currently fundraising for brain tumour research and campaigning for a larger portion of cancer research funds to go towards finding treatment solutions for brain tumours.

Congratulations on your amazing achievement Kian!




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