IMPORTANT INFORMATION: only students who successfully complete a degree programme at the University of Birmingham can attend a Degree Congregation. Communications about your Degree Congregation do not confirm successful completion of your degree and should not be taken as proof that you are eligible to graduate. We issue an invitation to attend a Degree Congregation to all students who might be ready to graduate by the next round of Degree Congregations. As such, you may receive an invitation and yet not be eligible to graduate by the time of the ceremony (if, for example, you have not yet submitted your dissertation, you have not paid all of your tuition fees, or you are resitting any examinations). You can access your official progress and examination results online through the 'Exam marks and progress decisions – end of year marks' link in the 'Exams and Assessments' column of the Student Gateway. Please note that there are additional requirements for research students. You can find out more by reading the Terms and Conditions.


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