What should I do if I need to see someone urgently?

If, right now, you are feeling that you cannot cope, or even feeling suicidal, you may need urgent or immediate help. You may need to contact (or ask someone else to contact for you) one of the following services.

In emergencies, you may also need to phone for an ambulance (999). If the issues affecting you are connected with your mental health, state this when you request emergency support.

Please remember to only call an ambulance if you really feel that you – or someone you care about – are imminently at risk of danger to themselves or another person.

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Service is not an emergency service - if you feel you need immediate help, and feel that you cannot wait until our next available Wellbeing Check in  or Pause drop in service, based in the Main Library Lounge  then you are strongly advised to contact the above services.

The following external services may also be useful, dependant on your situation:


Professional Services