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We're looking for students – part-time, full-time, undergraduates, postgraduates (taught and research) mature students, and distance learners – to share their authentic stories of studying at the University of Birmingham.

Take this opportunity to share your unique story in your own voice. Your story is the chance for you to explain why coming to Birmingham has impacted and shaped you, contributing to create a vibrant tapestry of student stories that truly reflect the dynamic experiences of our Birmingham community.

From sharing your unique experiences, challenges and achievements to your cultural heritage, academic journey, extracurricular activities, and much more. Submit your story today.

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What should I include?

It can be hard putting pen to paper sometimes. If you’re stuck, however, you might want to use the following prompts:

  • Introduction: Take some time to introduce yourself, your name, where you’re from, your interests and hobbies, the course you study, and why you wanted to study that specific course at Birmingham. Don’t be afraid to make it personal and go deeper, it’s your personal story!
  • Journey to Birmingham: How did you get here? Where are you from? How are you finding it? Did you have any doubts or fears when coming to UoB? What challenges have you overcome? What have you achieved? Are you the first person in your family to go to University?
  • Life in Birmingham: What has studying at UoB taught you? What’s inspired you? Do you have any advice for current/prospective students?

Remember, there's absolutely no ‘wrong’ way to write this piece. We only ask that it's a maximum of 700 words. It would also be nice to include some photographs in this blog relating to your time at University. Please do send a few in using the form or by emailing The Student Communications Team on


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