Business, Professional and Financial Services

The Business, Professional and Financial Services (BPFS) sector is a wide-ranging and diverse sector, covering more than just accountancy.

There are jobs in legal services, advertising & market research, management, consultancy, architectural & engineering activities and personal services. 29 of the top 100 law firms and 24 out of the top advisory firms have a West Midlands presence.

Perceptions vs. Reality

1. It is difficult to get into the professional services.

REALITY: There are plenty of jobs, seeking transferable soft skills that you already have from your degree.

2. Professional services is only accountancy.

REALITY: The sector covers much more than accountancy, and the West Midlands is home to many headquarters of a diverse range of businesses. HSBC, National Grid and Deutsche Bank headquarters are all located here.

3. The sector is not diverse or inclusive.

REALITY: The sector is changing. RARE recruitment, blind recruitment processes and reverse mentoring schemes has increased diverse representation across many industries.

4. Lack of role-models just like me.

REALITY: Diversity networks within firms e.g. ‘BPFS Black Leaders Network’ and ‘Future Faces’ are helping make diversity a reality.

What are employers looking for?

Top skills

Critical thinking, teamwork, communication, organisation, leadership, commercial awareness, resilience, empathy.

Top tips

  1. You’re a team player. Think about times you have contributed to a team and what you contributed. E.g. were you the note taker, time keeper, motivator or leader? They are all equally important skills.
  2. You will have gained skills from your degree. Not just work experience. Think of WHAT you have accomplished and HOW you got there. Completing your degree whilst undertaking part-time employment or getting involved with a society demonstrates excellent communication skills.
  3. You gain commercial awareness from listening to the news. Download the BBC news app or Financial Times and read stories you are interested in. Try and relate it to the firm you are applying to.

The future

  • Demand for BPFS related business in the West Midlands and digital engagement is driving change. HS2 and the Commonwealth Games will attract more international companies into the region.
  • The West Midlands is home to the only Super Tech cluster in the UK. The West Midlands is therefore the centre of the next generation of services: FinTech, LegalTech and InsurTech.

How do I apply for jobs?

LinkedIn Jobs

Have a look on LinkedIn Jobs:

  • You can easily apply to jobs to find opportunities that interest you, specifically in the West Midlands region.
  • It allows local employers to find you and offer you relevant opportunities based on your profile.

Recruitment agencies

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