Future of the West Midlands

The West Midlands is historically known as the workshop of the world and today, the Midlands’ diverse range of sectors means that the region continues to drive global innovation and change.

The core of the West Midlands' current economic strength is in advanced manufacturing and engineering but the two main up-and-coming industries that will provide an increasing amount of jobs in the area in the future are: the creative industry and businesses in low-carbon solutions.

The Creative Sector

The West Midlands has an emerging potential in High-End Film & TV Production and expertise in next Generation Content Creation (BBCs MasterChef will relocate here for example) – this includes the application of virtual and augmented reality (gaming cluster in Leamington Spa) to anything from live theatre and tourism to manufacturing.

The region also has the largest high-value Designer-Maker, Jewellery and crafts cluster in the UK, including handcrafting for the automotive sector (in Solihull/ Coventry). Creative expertise is a recognised catalyst of growth across all sectors with 50% of all creative workers embedded in non-creative businesses. Birmingham is recognised as a ‘Creative Challenger’ Cluster with strong collaborations. It is on track to become a central node in the UK’s creative geography. This is why a key goal of the West Midlands Combined Authority is to fully harness the potential of the creative sector to drive further growth.

Low-Carbon Solutions

With extensive academic, research and consultancy expertise, the West Midlands has been identified as being ideally placed to provide private businesses with the solutions and collaboration opportunities they need to help reduce carbon and move to net zero.

Coventry and Warwickshire alone employs 28 times the UK average in electricity transmission jobs, the Black Country five times the average in securing recycled materials, and Birmingham and Solihull five times the average in building management systems and activities. With an increased push globally to become more green and reduce carbon, this is a great sector to go into.

Opportunities within this sector include:

Researching, marketing, technology, consultancy, development, and advanced manufacturing.


Professional Services