Past exam papers

The past exams papers database can be accessed via my.bham. The database holds the last five years’ worth of main exam papers.

How to search for exam papers

Search by assessment code

The easiest way to search for a past paper is by entering the assessment code (sometimes called the ‘exam code’) into the search field and clicking “Find’.

The assessment code should be typed in full into the assessment code field, for example A12345.

Search by title

You can also search by the title of the exam paper by typing the module title into the search field and clicking “Find”.

You will get the most accurate search results by typing in the first few words of the title. You can see the titles of exam papers being sat this year by looking at the online timetable for your department.

Example: If you are looking for the exam paper called "LC Enzymes & Metabolism" and typed the word "enzymes" into the assessment title field, any exam paper containing the word "enzymes" in its title will be returned in your search. However, if you search for "LC Enzymes", the only paper returned is "LC Enzymes & Metabolism".

About the database

  • The database only contains exam papers for centrally-managed exams. No assessments managed by Schools or Departments are available to view on the database.
  • Supplementary exam papers are not available online.
  • Schools or Departments may request that some papers are not published online. These papers will not be available to view. 
  • The database provides a list of all past exam papers linked to the modules that you are registered for.

Help with the database

If you cannot find an exams paper, please contact the Examinations Office by emailing  


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