What is GPA?



Grade Point Average or GPA is a score that is calculated using the same module and stage weightings used to calculate your degree classification. Your overall mark will be assigned a GPA value using the single GPA scale for Higher Education.

You will be eligible for the Cum Laude award if you have graduated in the top 10% of your cohort.

Your GPA score, Cum Laude award (if applicable) and your overall weighted mean mark will be displayed on a separate document and will not appear on your enhanced transcript or degree certificate. You will be able to apply for your GPA/Cum Laude certificate free of charge following the official release of your marks and degree classification. You will also be able to share this document with third parties via our Secure Documents website (Verify).

You may decide that you do not want to apply for your GPA/Cum Laude certificate or share this document with third parties.  The University will never share this information with third parties without your consent.

If you have any queries or concerns about GPA/Cum Laude, please email us at gpa@contacts.bham.ac.uk.  


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