Cohort Legislation 2016-17

Please note: 2016-17 cohort legislation is now archived and is no longer being updated, even though it may still be in use.

For more information please visit the Archived Legislation page.


For students who started their programme of study in 2016-17 or before, the following Codes of Practice, Policies and Guidance documents apply throughout your degree. Please select the subject area in which you are interested, and all relevant Codes of Practice, Policies and Guidance documents will be displayed.

The Changes to University Legislation for the 2016-17 cohort document shows changes that have been made to the 2016-17 cohort legislation following publication. This document is now archived (i.e. it will no longer be updated), it can be accessed here (PDF - 516KB).

If you have any queries about Codes of Practice, Policies or Guidance documents please email

Health and Wellbeing, Leave of Absence & Extension to Study Periods

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