Reasonable Diligence

Reasonable diligence is defined as the adequate level of student attention and care required to fulfil all necessary obligations and is determined on a local level by the school/department, taking into account programme specific requirements and the standards reflected in the Code of Practice. 

The following resources can be used in order to assist implementing reasonable diligence procedures for students who are failing to engage adequately with their studies.

PLEASE NOTE: Students undertaking programmes of study that are subject to fitness to practise requirements, and who fail to show reasonable diligence, should be dealt with in accordance with Regulation 8 and the Code of Practice on Misconduct and Fitness to Practise Committees and not the process detailed below.


Code of Practice

Go to the landing page for Regulations and Codes of Practice, so that you can access the appropriate cohort-specific version of the Code of Practice on Student Attendance and Reasonable Diligence.


Please see the below Flowchart for a breakdown of the Reasonable Diligence procedure for students who are not demonstrating an adequate level of attention and care:

Due Diligence Flow Chart 2020-21  (DOCX- 48KB)

Please see below for a template for use when initiating the First Stage of the process. This will be your first correspondence to the student.

Template letter reasonable diligence First stage 2020-21 (DOC - 34KB)

Please see below for templates for use when initiating the Second Stage of the process (the template to use will depend on whether the student attended the first stage meeting). This will be your second correspondence to the student.

Please see below for a template for use when initiating the Third Stage of the process. This will be your third and final correspondence to the student.

Template letter reasonable diligence Third stage (referral to Board of Examiners) with paragraph for Tier 4 /Student route visa students 2020-21 (DOC - 33KB)

Once the above three stages have been completed, you can then use the below template to request the student to be referred to PAB:

Due Diligence referral to PAB template 2023-24 (DOCX - 28KB)



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