Extension to dissertation submission deadline - for postgraduate taught students

If you are unable to complete your dissertation by your current submission deadline, you can apply for an extension.


How do I apply?

Please complete Sections One, Two and Three of the below form, providing as much detail as possible, and submit to your School/Department office.

Following a consideration of the information (and documentary evidence provided - for more guidance on this, see below) a School/Department representative will either decide to approve or reject your application. In some circumstances, you may be asked to provice further information/documentary evidence before a final decision.


What are acceptable reasons for requesting an extension?

You should give as much detail as possible about your reasons for requesting an extension to your dissertation submission deadline.

Each School/Department have clear procedures for granting extensions, including guidance on circumstances that will and will not be considered acceptable. However examples of generally acceptable/unacceptable reasons are as follows:

Acceptable reasons

  • Major computer problems (eg failure of University networks)
  • Significant medical problems
  • Personal problems
  • Compassionate (eg family bereavement)

Unacceptable reasons

  • Minor computer problems (eg lost or damaged disks, printer breakdown)
  • Lost assignments
  • Desired books not in library
  • Unverifiable travel difficulties
  • Not realising deadline imminent

What supporting evidence do I need to provide?

You must include appropriate documentary evidence to support your reasons for requesting an extension. Some examples of appropriate supporting evidence are:

  • Medical certificate – if you were ill or had to take care of someone who was ill
  • Death certificate – if you have suffered a bereavement
  • Supporting letter from your employer – if you had work-related difficulties
  • Bank statements, payslips – if you had financial difficulties
  • Supporting letter from your School


What do I need to do if my dissertation extension deadline would take me over the maximum period of registration?

If you request an extension that will mean you will exceed the maximum period of registration for your programme of study, you will need to apply for an extension to maximum period of registration.

What if my application is rejected?

If your request for an extension is not approved, your original submission date will apply.

If you have not made sufficient progress with your dissertation to submit by this deadline, your School will need to make a recommendation for you at the next Board of Examiners meeting. If it is your first attempt at the dissertation, you will have the right to re-submit to a deadline agreed by the School, and your dissertation mark will then be capped at 50% for the purposes of classifying your final degree classification. If it is your second attempt at the dissertation, the Board of Examiners will make a recommendation based on the marks for modules that you have already completed. This will normally mean the award of an alternative qualification.



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